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Things to Do in Zhenjiang


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Zhenjiang is a city with a history of about 2,500 years. With its natural beauty, Zhenjiang welcomes visitors from all around the world. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Zhenjiang.

1.Jinshan Temple

Jinshan Temple locates on the top of Jinshan Hill in the center of Jinshan Park. The most famous legend about Jinshan Temple is the "Tale of White Snake".

2.Jiaoshan Hill

Jiaoshan Hill is located about 4.5 km northeast of Zhenjiang City with its beautiful greenery and is compared to a piece of floating jade hill, hence gains its another name "Floating Jade Hill".

3.Mountian Mao

The Taoism has made it a famous Taoism mountain in Chinese history. There are many Taoist Temples in this mountain and the name of mountain is also linked with the Taoism.

4.Dinghui Temple

Dinghui Temple, first built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, is the most famous and largest of all the temples on Jiaoshan Hill.


Zhenjiang is famous for Huainan cuisine, one of the eight major cuisines of China. Famous Zhenjiang food includes Xierou shizitou , braised chub, crab dumplings and much more.


Located at the side of Gold Hill, the Street of River Food is famous for"three fish dishes". Since Golden Gulf Hotel is the largest restaurant on the street, Bishirong Restaurant and Gold Hill Fishing Village are also good choices for you.

7.Zhenjiang Table Screen

Zhenjiang Table Screen is made of good white marble. It is noted for its elegant processing techniques.

8.Shopping Street

The Shopping Street is located on East Zhongshan Road which is near the Dajingkou. You can take city bus line 4, 5, 104 to get there.


Zhenjiang features many special performances and dinners for tourists. There are many  famous entertainment places for you.

10.Zhenjiang Hotel

The Zhenjiang Hotel is an exclusive three-star hotel in Zhenjiang city, located on the west side of the railway station square.