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Things to Do in Zhouzhuang


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Zhouzhuang is China's oldest water town. It is the Venice of China. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Zhouzhuang.

1.The Hall of Shen’s Residence

Built in 1742 and located at the southeast side of Fu'an Bridge, Shen’s house was the private property of the descendant of Shen Wansan.

2.Double Bridge

Double Bridge, commonly known as the key bridge, consists of Shide Bridge and Yongan Bridge. It is the symbol of Zhouzhuang.

3.Chengxu Taoist Temple

Chengxu Taoist Temple, also known as “Sanctity Hall”, has a long history of more than 900 years old.

4.South Lake

It is located in the south of Zhouzhuang, also known as “Nanbai swing”. Only one third of lake is Zhouzhuang. The lake is surrounded by trees and bamboos and attracts lots of visitors every year.

5.Wansan Pig's Upper Leg

There are many special snacks in Zhouzhuang and the most famous one is Wansan pig’s upper leg, locally called “Wansan elbows” or “Wansan hoof”. Although it looks fat, it is not greasy. It is sold at all local restaurant and shops.

6.Wansan Family Feast

The restaurant located on the Fu’an Bridge and still maintains the Ming-style. It is a very local-style restaurant.

7.Woven Bamboo

The people of Zhouzhuang are ingenious. They have developed many traditional crafts over their 900 year history. The woven Bamboo are symbolic traditional crafts.

8.Zhouzhuang teapots

Zhouzhuang teapots are different from other places. Generally, it is made of porcelain or ceramic, but in Zhouzhuang it made of stone.


Zhouzhuang at night is very peaceful, colourful with all its lights and lanterns as well as cooling. It is ideal to wander around outside next to the waterways to chit-chat, drink tea or have dinner.


Most of star-grade hotels in Zhouzhuang are in the new city area and there are many of them. Yunhai Resort,Three Oxens Garden Hotel and Yunting Villa will be good choices for you.