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Things to Do in Zunyi


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Zunyi City is famous as the place of the secret Zunyi Meeting in 1935. It is a vital tourist place in southwest China. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Zunyi.

1.Zunyi Meeting Site

The site of the Zunyi Meeting is a national 4-A Tourist Area and a major national culture preservation area. The "Zunyi Meeting" is seen as a turning point in Chinese revolutionary history.

2.Shizhang Cave Waterfall Group

Shizhang Cave Waterfall Group in Chishui is the second best scenic spot in Guizhou, since Huangguoshu Waterfall is the best.

3.Maotai Town

Maotai has long been a famed town in the northern Guizhou Province. In Maotai Town, you can feel the vigor of the national liquor.

4.Chishui Danxia Landform

Danxia landform in Chishui is an excellent representative of Danxia landform in its early young stage. It is the largest Danxia landscape in China.

5.Zunyi Maofeng Tea

Zunyi Maofeng Tea is one of the four noted teas in Guizhou. You can buy it to take back home as presents for your friends and kins.

6.Zunyi Chili

Zunyi is one of the main chili producing areas in China. It is one of the Chinese people’s favorite chili peppers.

7.Dingzi Kou Night Market Area

The Dingzi Kou Night Market area is a good place to go to enjoy the local snacks. It’s cool to eat for less than 10 RMB.

8.Delicious Lamb Rice Noodle

It is the best known lamb noodle restaurant in Zunyi,located at Hongqi Road, near the Zunyi Meeting site.

9.Night Markets

Two of the busiest areas are Dongmen Wharf and the city center. There are grilled fish, grilled whole lamb, grilled sausage, grilled slices of lotus root and etc.

10.Orient Jianguo Grand Hotel

Orient Jianguo Grand Hotel is a merchant hotel in line with five-star standards. It is located in the shopping and entertainment heart of Zunyi. So the transportation is convenient.