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Things to Do in Kaifeng


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Kaifeng is the among the seven historical capitals of China. As early as in Northern Song Dynasty, Kaifeng has been the political, economic and cultural center of China. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Kaifeng.

1.Qing Ming Shang He Yuan

Qing Ming Shang He Yuan is a historical and cultural theme park recreated according to the“Qing Ming Shang He Tu ” by Zhang Zeduan which is a famous painter in Song Dynasty. It is a great treasure of traditional Chinese art.

2.Dragon Pavilion

Dragon Pavilion was the only architecture which existed on the ruins of Song palaces. The dragon Pavilion we see now was built in Qing Dynasty.

3.Kafeng Fu

Having a long history, Kafeng Fu is famous all over the world. It was the capital and the most crucial prefecture of the whole country in Northern Song Dynasty.

4.Da Xiang Guo Temple

Da Xiang Guo Temple is one of the ten well known temples of Chinese Buddhism. It plays an important role in the history of Chinese Buddhism. It is licated on the west part of Z I You Road in Kaifeng.

5.Xiao Long Bao
The most well-known Xiao Long Bao shop is called Di Yi Lou meaning the best restaurant.Di Yi Lou is at the crossing of Zhong Shan Road and Sheng Fu Qian Street. It is right opposite to Xing Gong.

6.Huang Jia Bao Zi Guan

It is a shop where local people usually go to. Reportedly Xiao Long Bao here is more delicious than Xiao Long Bao in Di Yi Lou.


The history of Gu Lou Night Fair can date back to Song Dynasty. Now, it has become a busy tourist site and biggest night fair in Kaifeng.

8.Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Fair

The Chrysanthemum Festival is a great cultural activity organized by the KaiFeng Municipal Government for tourists to enjoy chrysanthemums and get a better understanding of Kaifeng history.

9.Yuwang Temple Fair

The temple fair always shows a scene of bustle and excitement, as a large Yuwang which is a king in Chinese mythology ceremony is being held.

10.Henan Hotel

Henan Hotel is a three-star hotel with a hundred years of history. It is one of “Four famous Inns”in Henan. The hotel is located in downtown Kaifeng, east of the Kaifeng.So the transportation is quite convenient.