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Top 10 Beautiful Mountains in China


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1.Namjagbarwa: Heaven above the cloud
There is a wonderland of the most majestic canyon; there is moving legendary fairy tale; and this is the heaven in the heaven. Located in Tibet, it is suitable for climbing during February, March, April, August and November. 

2.Konka: wind stops here
There are not only snow mountains, but also lakes. The glacial lakes scatter along the plateau. Water leans mountains here and there around the mountain area, creating countless legends. Located in Sichuan, it snows in late October, which is a good time to watch snow landscape. It is going to melt in March.

3.Qomolangma: keep watch the heart
This is a heaven on the Earth without doubt.  And the humans respect her forever. Nobody can conquer her. But it guards us quietly, and the field she loved. Located in Tibet, the best time to climb is from late April to early June, and from middle September to early October.

4.Meili Snow Mountain: honor guard of God of Snow
Nobody who visited Yunnan had not been moved by her purity and beauty. She deserves every pure word to honor her. Located in Yunnan, the best time to watch the snow landscape is from January to May. 

5.Huangshan: bonsai of God
It does not need to visit other mountains after the Five Lofty Peaks, while it does not need to visit the Five Lofty Peaks after Mountain Huangshan. This is charm of the Mountain Huangshan. We are conquered by her unique features. Located in Anhui, it is hot destinations in summer days and plain in winter days.

6.Tri-God Mountain: landmark of Shangri-la
During July and August, it rains heavily in the Tri-God Mountain. It is located in Sichuan, and the best time to visit is from April to June and September to November.

7.Qogir: remote wonderland
In Tibetan language, Qogir means a holy mountain with snow covered all year round. It is located in Xinjiang, the most beautiful mountain many visitors ever undertaken. The best time to clinb is from July to September.

8.Kailash, the residences of gods
Kailish, together with Anemaqen, Dhonagoue and Meili, is respected as the four holy mountains in Tibetan Buddhism. Kailas Range runs between Kunlun Range and Everest, like a dragon resting on the plateau. Its head is Kailish. Kailish is located in Tibet, and the best time to visit is from May to August.
9.Mountain Tai: totem of China
Mt. Tai is located in Shandong. It is the symbol of Chinese civilization. It has a firm status in the society never been doubted. It is suitable to visit in every season.

10.Mt. Emei, from basin to heaven
The twilight of Buddha glitters in the mountain area. It is a wonderland for Buddhists for its luxuriant forests and rich water resource. It is a paradise for the pilgrims of Buddhism.