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Top 10 China Featured Hotels


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1.Chengdu Yuanheyuan Buddhist Lodge
Add:Wenshufang B6-6 in Qingyang District, Chengdu City proper
This lodge is featured by its Buddhism culture, attracting masses of tourists each day. I guess some of them are Christian, strange, isn't it? Decorations in the lodge are in classical styles, and Qing Dynasty feature plays a predominant role. Once a tourist said on the Internet that once entering the lodge, you would feel peaceful immediately, excluded from the noise and crowdness at once.More important is that service here can be said perfect, which is highly recommended on the net.If you are a Buddhist or you are interested in Chinese Buddhism, it is definitely a good choice.

2.Shangri-La Songtsam Hotel
Add:Sumsanling monastery, Shangri-La
It is common sense that good hotels are different to find in faraway regions, while this one also attracts not a few foreign tourists.The ingenious collocation of Tibetan culture and fashion, Tibetan fresco with modern facility bring out the best in each other. The Sumsanling monastery which is about 100 meters away is a must-see place if you spend a night in this hotel. As it is always agreed that more convenience must be paid at a higher price, each room here cost more than 700 yuan a night.

3.Beijing Liting Hotel
Add:No.97 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District in Beijing
As it enjoys advantageous location and providing superior service, Liting hotel is favored by some rich foreign tourists.I've seen on the net that an American who took his mother to visit China and stayed here highly commented this hotel for offering well service to his mother. However, it is not cheap to stay a night here, about 800 yuan is needed for a night.

4.Beijing International Club Restaurant
Add:No. 21 outside of Jianguo Gate, Chaoyang District in Beijing
It is a typical American style hotel at five-star rank, the lowest price is about 1,400 yuan, while comparing with other International Club Restaurants, it is much cheaper.

5.Shanghai JIA Jingpin Hotel
Add:No.913 of West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District in Shanghai
It is said: this is the home for foreigners, only English can be heard here. Foreign friends everywhere may give you an illusion that you are going outboard visits. In every corner, you can find their exquisite designs and experience their considerate service. If you prefer a feeling being around by your compatriot, it is a good choice.

6.Shengdi Holiday Resort
Add:at the foot of Mt. Wanggong in Gaotian Town, Yangshuo City, Guangxi Province
This holiday resort is the best favored place by foreign tourists in Guilin, who enjoys the best scenery in the world.It is well-known for its reasonable employment of water resource, economizing in public facility. Moreover, beer fish there is quite delicious and you cannot miss it.

7.Shenzhen Blessed Crowne Plaza Hotel Suite Garden
Add:No.3028 at Nanhu Road, Luohu District in Shenzhen City proper
Shenzhen Blessed Crowne Plaza Hotel Suite Garden is decorated all in European style, quite elegant and rooms are big and comfortable. Masses of tourists particularly mentioned the Cantonese food here for their delicious flavors. Besides, if go to some places nearby, concierge would offer free cars.

8.Qingdao Shangri-La Restaurant
Add:No.9 at Hongkong Central Road, Qingdao City proper
Qingdao Shangri-La Restaurant can be divided into two parts:Scent and Shengshi loft, and it seems that foreign friends prefer Scent loft more, since there provided delicious Chinese food and clean comfortable rooms and what's more, wonderful sea views to appreciate. Shengshi loft is more quiet, something like a place for practice meditation. While, after all, it is a five-star hotel, its superior service, even a small gift, a note, several words of greetings can make you feel their warmness and considerateness.


9.Nanjing Jinling Restaurant
Add:No.2 at Hanzhong Road, Gulou District in Nanjing City
It is rare to see a 37-storey building in China in 1979, so the edifice in which Jinling Restaurant settled can be called old, but from the innerside of the restaurant, you can find no clue of obsolescence or out of fashion.Moreover, it also enjoys convinient transportation, not far away from the busiest streets, markets and subway. This hotel is not only favored by foreigners but also Chinese tourists themselves. Staying here, you can not only enjoy high-quality service but also a chance to advance your Chinese.

10.Sanya Wenhua Oriental Hotel
Add:No.12 at Yuhai Road, Sanya City
Wenhua Oriental Hotel is recommended by as " a low-key hidden precious emerald". Maybe foreign friends favor more staying in a comfortable hotel than wandering around, here the large swimming pool will certainly to your favor.