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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations


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1.Kanas: such a gentle love

Kanas Lake lies on the mountain's arms as quiet and shy as a virginal maiden. The broad Altai at her back may be her lover. She is gently taken in his arm, summoning snow to moist her and summoning autumn landscape to embellish her skirt. What is the kind of love? If you meet with Kanas, you must also understand their love.


2.Xiamen: freeze-frame the back of happiness

This is a romantic city, needing you footprints to fill. Getting closer to the slope of Gulangyu and find a house in flowers used to be consulate to stay , the century-old French windows facing the sea is the privacy of your living room during the honeymoon. Or live in a small Catholic Church building with the Gothic spire and a romantic coordinates. And the cast iron rose window in the door is therefore the best witness of your love. Let you wake up in the guitar and the church alarm over the weekend, and slowly walk hand in hand among the trees and red roofs. So delicate gorgeous century-old villa will become the background figure of happiness for you and carve the sweetest smile on your heart.


3.Lhasa: a firm belief in love

Lhasa is the closest place to Heaven, and spending honeymoon can experience the religious atmosphere. Love becomes a fate to accept the wills of God. Come to the Jokhang Temple at Barkhor, with the Tibetan people walking and turning along the road. In the flash of light moment, children who work at the moment, a firm belief in life stubbornly persists. Here, strolls Barkhor Street to the sun on the roof of the Jokhang Temple. To have a sit at the famous bar Majiami, is a good choice. Of course, there is time to look towards the sacred mountain lakes, as the eternal romantic.


4.Dali: your proprietary romance

Maybe the marriage is destined to start the secular labor camp ordeal. But in this romantic place, he or she is your lover. During the day, you can climb the mountains and canoe on the lake, while the night you can eat western food in the famous bar street, and drink wine. Chinese and Western romance will make people temporarily forget the outside world. Beauty, landscape and everything in this mountain and water are to become factor to love.


5.Beihai: moon acting as witness for love

Silver Beach has six seductive charms: long flat beach, fine white sand, warm and tranquil water, soft waves, fresh air, and shark-free. It's simple and beautiful. Book a waterfront hotel to see ebb and flow; have some leisure days on the island like cloud and birds; when the first ray of morning sunlight spilled through the trees in the quiet  Zhuhai Road, the ancient doors opened, you will work together to listen to the past of the street. Moon is beautiful in the North Bay. Silver Beach has spectacular moon elf, shell, pearls, conch, crab running the floor, barefoot woman, calling out selling, full of beach, full of the moon. The moon can represent your heart?


6.Xixi: flowery scenery and beautiful ladies

In the movieYou are the One. Ge You sit in a boat crossing the lake, listening to the beautiful sales lady telling the history of the Xixi Wetland, and he says that "this is really a good place to fall in love”. Xixi became famous for the movie.  Xixi Wetland is a paradise-like pure land, which heat up the love affair between the actor and the actress. Canoeing slowly on the water and whispering in night will make the bay water and rest in the wedding of yoursweet new life.


7.Nalati: the only heart-throb of the world

Standing at the land of Nalati, there is no city hustle and bustle noising ears. Wind blow away the girl's hair, blow out the clouds, blow away the green of the forest, and also blow away the sheep on grassland. Listening to the silence of the prairie like having your heart beating. Or gallop a horse in the vast prairie across the green like a wave-like one after another, at which moment, two of the loving hearts fly together.


8.Nyingchi: a dream in Wonderland

Nyingchi is a turquoise decorated from the forest. It is located in the forcefully stretched plateau in a deep valley from the mountains to the endless scenery.  The Brahmaputra has a world-class wonders of the Grand Canyon, with the most beautiful mountain of Barwa, a jade-like alpine lakes Basongco and  numerous villages. In the morning, the plateau might enjoy magnificent sunrise. The sun rises, the ground temperature rises, and the sea ofclouds constantly changes, so the fairy dream couple intoxicates. Lulang Forest is year-round green, with springs gurgling, thousands of wildflowers blooming on the lawn, extremely romantic.


9.Kenting: The weather here is sunny

Alishan and Sun Moon Lake are too busy. Why not arrange a secure tour in a small town named Kenting?  This is the only tropical island of Taiwan region, known as the ends of the earth in Taiwan with sunny blue sky and white sand. The air was full of positive energy, which will make the married people double their sweet. If a friend asks, you can just answer calmly: "We in Kenting; the weather is clear.”


10.Crescent Spring in Dunhuang: love in desert

Can you imagine what romantic it is when walking in the desert with honey in your arm? Dunhuang is a place full of legendary stories. Getting on the top of the mountain, the peaks looks like golden waves in the sea, magnificently and gurglingly. Have a glance at the Crescent Spring under the hill, which is as gentle as a young maiden, leaning close to her honey without change for thousands years.