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Top 10 attractions in Heifei


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To Hefei, the most you can not miss the ten most famous tourist attractions:

1 .The most worthy of playing in Hefei--Xiaoyaojin Park.Old City Park is located in Hefei Xiaoyaojin Dongbei Yu, is a cultural history, characteristics, facilities were perfect, beautiful environment, pleasant scenery comprehensive park; the same time, the Three Kingdoms era of the famous ancient battlefield, is one of the ten Hefei.

2.Hefei's celebrity attractions.Former Residence of Li .Hefei travel only! It is typical of Hefei. Former residence of the former residence of the late Qing Li Li Li's family home, minister of war, in Hefei, the middle of the bustling pedestrian street, is a typical architecture of the late Qing Jianghuai. Layout neat, structured, richly ornamented, covers an area of 2,000 square meters, is the largest remaining Hefei, former residences of celebrities.

3.Po Lin Monastery.Mingjiao Temple is located east of a lane. Formerly known as erlangmiao, 1987 due to urban renewal, moving here, and renamed the Po Lin Monastery. Gate on the "Monastery"three golden characters, the original president of the National Buddhist Association Zhao title the book, dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy Temple in the gilded statue. The former abbot of the temple after the death of Master Sheng Hai Hao Lin is currently the abbot by the monks and nuns.

4.The oldest town in Hefei. Trois-Rivieres, rivers and ancient name "magpie Nagisa", dating back over 2,500 years of history. Far away in the Spring and Autumn Period, the town has a prototype, called "Magpie shore"for the struggle between Wu and Chu to land. Trois-Rivieres began to name the Spring and Autumn history this has occurred in the Battle of Wu and Chu.

5.Paradise Park is located in the old city Xibei Yu, Simon within the area of water for the rural scenic spots around the city park. Mengcheng Road, east, west Ring Road North, south from the western part of the Huaihe River Road to the north western part of Funan Road, with a total area of ​​approximately 31.3 hectares. Li Qing Zhong Tang for the nephew Donald Li in this building for the recreation pavilion two, and in the surrounding planting apricot apricot spring open, Fang Fei brilliant scenery and pleasant, so the band collectively known as the nestling.

6.Hefei Shushan Forest Park is located in the western suburbs of the big Shushan, about 10 km from the city center, an area of ​​566 hectares, 284 meters above sea level, is only a mountain suburb of Hefei. Department of Large Shushan big hill Mountains, formed by a volcanic eruption, volcanic activity due to the formation of large reserves of mineral water rich in Shushan

7.Hefei Wild Animal Park Orchard thinking of "the earth - humans and animals shared space"to "natural and simple, plain fun, mountain charm"for the design. Depending on the needs of animals to different environments, artificial survival of the animal in the wild environment, the animals Hall cleverly combined with the natural environment.
8.Education crossbow units of the original in the Old City, the Song Dynasty, when the expansion of Hefei City, site was only within the circle into the city. Since then, Hefei City, has seen numerous storms, but crossbow Taiwan has survived to teach, and became the ups and downs of the historical evidence of Hefei.

9.Memorial temple in the southeast of the city outside the old city walls, and their descendants because of the North Song Qingguan Bao named after place to live, the scenic area and the package also has a memorial temple cemetery, but also to make the immortal monuments, and the people respected

10.Um Tongcheng Moon Lake Road, located in Hefei No. 21. According to "Hefei County "contains: "Moon Lake Temple, in the south gate, the Kangxi forty-five years (1706) rebuilt, there will be the occasion Huang Yi Ren tablets, Jiuzhi Tang Jian. "