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Top 10 Virginal Ancient Towns


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1.Daxu Ancient Town, a town without public toilet in Guangxi

Daxu Ancient Town was firstly built in North Song Dynasty (960-1127), flourished in Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) and got its climax during the Republic of China (1912-1949), becoming one of the four most famous towns in Guangxi. Now, it is an undeveloped town with less commercial sites.


2.Chaji, the last virginal village at the foot of Mountain Huangshan

The antique bridges, the flowing waters and the tranquil manors in Chaji Village, not like those in the towns of South Yangtze, are still virginal like maidens. This village has the largest scale in south of Anhui, and it is one of the largest ancient residences well-preserved now. Degong House is the only architecture left from Yuan Period (about 14 century). Moon-Loving Pavilion and Erjia Temple are the well-preserved houses left from Ming and Qing period. The vicissitudes of decadent beauty of the era can be seen a glorious history in rural China.


3..Qianshan Ancient Town--a maiden in boudoir

In the long history, the emergence of several well-known towns in Jiangxi did occurred.  They are representative of the bustling marketplace shipping times. And most of them declined in the flood of the commodity economy, which is not known to outsiders. Qianshan is one of them, which enjoyed the honor of “junction of eight provinces”.


4.Zhao Family Village, an unrealized dream of Descendants of the royal family

Located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, this village was built in the Ming Dynasty by the descendants of the royal family of Song Dynasty. The village was built according to the layout of the construction of the old capital of Song. Stretching four hundred years, it still retains a fairly complete prototype style. It is known as "City of Song", "small Bianjing in South Fujian”. Some say it is a imperial castle without emperors.


5.Stone Ancient Town, the last land of promise for Naxi people in Baoshan of Yunan

In addition to the famous Dayan Ancient Town in Lijiang, there is another ancient town locates 120 kilometers north of Lijiang, at the bank of the Jinsha River near the Grand Canyon. It was built on huge mushroom-shaped rock independence. This is the most primitive gathering place for Naxi people. No matter houses, buildings, or language, they are all well preserved the most authentic aspect of the Naxi ethnic group. The old woman enjoying sunshine at the door will smile to the visitors initiatively.


6.Sideng Street, a tranquil old town along the Tea Horse Road

We have no chance to Dali and Lijiang a decade years ago, but now we can go and see Sideng Street, the former center on the Tea Horse Road, which still retaining the old millennium bazaar style, has not been too much disturbed by visitors. It can be called the only surviving market along the Tea Horse Road.


7.Heshun, a charmed old town at the frontier of Yunan

Heshun is the biggest oversea Chinese hometown in Yunnan Province. It still has intact style of Ming and Qing period in western Yunnan. It looks like a cultural labyrinth. Featuring thousands of residential buildings yard, rowing upon row, can help touch the years full of mottled rich culture.


8.Qianyang, a mysterious and hidden ancient town in West Hunan

Fenghuang is not the only hidden ancient towns in West Hunan, and Qianyang is among them. It is one of the most well-preserved water townships with Ming and Qing styles. It is surrounded by water in three directions. It played an important role in the transportation of Miao land in West Hunan. It got into flourishing climax before Dayan in Yunnan and Fenghuang in Hunan.


9.Pianyan, the female blacksmith under Husband and Wife Tree

With a history over 300 years, Pianyan is an old town along the Huaying Ancient Road. The buildings and architectures have not repaired yet, keeping their own features. Except for the antique bridges, clean water, old streets and old houses, the most famous attractions include the Mandarin Duck Bridge, Husband and Wife Tree and Female Blacksmith.


10.Bingan, old photos at the bank of Chishui River

Bingan Ancient Town is located at the bank of Chishui River. It was an important transportation junction for entering Guizhou during the period of Ming and Qing dynasties. The inconvenient transportation helps the town enjoy the millennium of unique charm. In addition to a newly built suspension bridge, there is so far only a waterway available to the foot of the castle. The whole town remained the Ming and Qingstyles and the original appearance of the Chishui valley. The stone with moss along down the street seeing the mottled wood walls, old buildings, like the Ming Dynasty into the distant and the Republic of China.