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Top 10 Waterfalls in China


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1.Huangguoshu Waterfall

Located in Guizhou, Huangguoshu Waterfall is known as the largest waterfall in Asia.  Its breathtaking scenery already vacated the heart. When crossing the great falls, we are very fortunate to see the Huangguoshu Falls Rainbow. It is a mysterious and cold water fall. Looking out from the cave, green leaves waves wildly like drizzle.


2.Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River

Hukou Waterfall is located in the middle reach of Yellow River and the middle area of Shanxi-Shaanxi Canyon. The noise sounds like thunder, majestically and grandly. It is the symbol of Chinese people.


3.Detian Waterfall

Detian Waterfall is located in Daxin County of Guangxi at the borderline of China and Vietnam. The waterfall originates from Guichun River in Jinxi County of Guangxi. It runs through the borderline and then came back to China, and falls at the cliff near Detian Village. The waterfalls are located in the territory of China. It is honored as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in China.


4.Jiuzhaigou Valley Waterfalls

The waterfalls in the valley are one of the fantastic sceneries in Jiuzhaigou. The lakes waterfalls are quite blue like sky, as pure and virginal as maidens. For those living in urban area, wandering amongst the lakes and falls gives visitors a feeling of returning back to nature.


5.Mountain Lushan Waterfalls

The waterfalls in Mountain Lushan consist of Sandiequan Waterfall, Kaixuan Waterfall, Shimenjian Waterfall, Huanglongtan Waterfall, Wulongtan Waterfall, Wangjiapo Waterfall and Yulianquan Waterfall. Sandiequan is the largest one. It runs from the Dayue Mountain and flows to Wulao Peak slowly and form three falls.


6.Mirror Lake Waterfall

Mudan River Originates from Changbai Mountain. In ancient times, the volcano erupted and stopped the flowing river, making the formation of Mirror Lake. The water in the lake continue to flow, passing through the dam to form the waterfall.


7.Nine Dragon Waterfalls

Nine Dragon Waterfalls are the largest scenic area of waterfall in China. It is located in Luoping County. As a result of unique geographical terrain and corruption, a group of waterfalls came into being after long water flowing.


8.Wuxie Waterfall

Wuxie Waterfall is located 23 kilometers northwest of Zhuji City of Zhejiang. In the scenic area, there are 72 peaks, 25 cliffs, 5 waterfalls, 3 valleys, 2 streams and 1 lake. These natural sceneries make Wuxie a natural painting.


9.Liusha Waterfall

Locating in west Hunan, it falls 216 meters. Running through the cliff in Dehang Town, the waterfall come into being at the corner. The high fall makes the water look like sand when dropping on the stone. When crossing through the waterfall, the misty water cools visitors’ heart.

10.Three-gorge Waterfall

Three-gorge Waterfall is located in Taishanmiao Villag, Yilin District of Yichang City. It is about 34 kilometers from Yichang. It is famous for its valley scenery and natural waterfalls.