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Top 4 Fishing Centers in Beijing


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Huangsongyu Reservoir

Built in 1971, the reservoir has an occupation of 10.4 million cubic meters.  Dams and water resource facilities stand there quietly. The reservoir is surrounded by hills and mountains, with shapes reflected in the water surface. The ruins of Great Wall run on the peaks of the mountains, linking the pools and valleys and stretching forwards. It is not only a great fishing center, but also a grand scenic area.

Location: Huangsongyu Village, Northeast of Pinggu District, Beijing


Jinding Lake

Jinding Lake was built at the south foot of Wulin Mountain, with a total occupation over 40 hectares.  The water comes from the branch of Chaohe River. The water area occupies 1.51 million square meters. It is an ideal playground for leisure and vacation.

Location: 22Km east of Miyun County, 85Km from urban area of Beijing


Changping Fishing Center

Changping Fishing Center is among the best fishing centers in Beijing. It has 20 fishing pools and 6 small lakes. Kinds of fishes are feed together in one pool. The center has good quality of water and majestic landscape. Fishing facilities like desks, lunches and sunglasses are provided.

Location: Xinzhuang Village, Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District


Houlu Fishery

Houlu Fishery takes an occupation of over 80 mu (1mu=2000/3 square meters). The water quality here is quite good for its source being from underground. Kinds of fishes are provided in the pools.

Location: Houlugezhuang Village, Beixiaoying Town, Shunyi District