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Top 4 Places for Staying Quietly


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1.Tongli, Jiangsu

Tongli is a classical water township with antique bridges, flowing waters and family manors. The town is surrounded by water in four directions, knowing as the “Oriental Little Venice”. Tongli itself is an antique water township boasting residences with Ming and Qing styles. Tuisi Garden is the representative of all the residences and gardens. It consists of all the characters of South Yangtze gardens. Wandering along the corridors, canoeing in the misty moon light night and watching the blooming lotus are the most fashionable movements.

Location: Northeast of Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province

Accommodation: Family hotels with traditional furniture can be founded along the antique street


2.Bingzhongluo, Yunnan

Bingzhongluo is a remote village located close to Tibet in Yunan. People like Tibetans, Nu, Dulong, Lili and some other ethnic groups live there. They have not been influenced by modern civilization. This is a pure land with enthusiastic love. Standing at the land, all kinds of spiritual guard will be uninstalled. hen autumn falls, the hills and terraces are covered by color of golden yellow. Wandering along the path among the paddy, having a palm of snow mountain water, listening to the Buddha ring from the Puhua Temple, it is a paradise on the Earth.

Accommodation: Family manors are good choice for those who want to experience local life. Besides, in the town of Liuku, hotels can be provided at CNY40-60.


3.Lhasa, Tibet

Lhasa is a religious city with a history of 1300 years. The high altitude, the pure air and the Buddhist pilgrims will give you an impression of tranquility and purity. Sit and do nothing, with staring blankly. You can rest under the tree shadow and have a glance at the pilgrims. Countless of Buddhist came for setting sacrifice to their Buddha in their heart. You do not need extra passages except a pure heart.

Accommodation: hotel in different levels can be found in the street of Lhasa. Hotels in Middle-class are advised to experience the local life. Traditional Tibetan family hotels are of Tibetan styles.


4.Tengchong, Yunnan

Located at the bounder of China and Burma, alien civilization and lifestyle crossed together here. Visitors will be surprised by its tranquility and beauty. Volcano hills can be found at every corner of the city. Architectures and roads are built with rocks from the volcano hills. No matter urban area and rural area, it is as clear as you think.

Accommodation: hotels are provided in the city. Youth motels are also good alternatives for young.