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Top 5 Free Scenic Areas in China


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1.Zhenyuan Ancient Town, Guizhou

Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a historical famous town with a history over 2000 years. It locates at the bank of Wuyang River in Guizhou Province. Old streets, old residences, old lanes and old harbors are free to access. You can wander along in the town for a whole day at free expense.



1. Traffic: Hunan-Guizhou Railway, National Highway No. 320, Hurui Expressway pass through the town, making a convenient transportation for the town.

2. Accommodation: General expense is from 60 to 120; it will not exceed 150 even for a waterside room at peak time.

3. Food: Vinegar-pepper is the main flavor in the town. Vinegar-pepper fish is the specialty of this town.



2.Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing

Xuanwu Lake is the biggest urban park in south of Yangtze River. Nanjing City Wall, Jiuhua Hill and Jiming Temple stands around the lake. It is honored as the Pearl of Nanjing. Many scenic spots scatter in the park. From the National Day of 2010 and then on, it became free for the public.



1. Traffic: opposite to Nanjing Railway Station, it is convenient by city transportations.

2. Accommodation: CNY100 is usually enough for a general accommodation.

3. Food: Salty Duck and Banya Duck are the two specialties of Nanjing.


3.Fenghuang Ancient Town, Hunan

Fenghuang Ancient Town is a national historical famous town in west of Hunan Province. It is surrounded by mountains and hills at the bank of Tuojing River. Fenghuang Ancient Town boasts picturesque landscape, long history and rich historical interests. Lanes, castle towers and old residences scatter in the town. It is free for every visitor. You can wander along this picturesque township at free expense.



1. Traffic: get to Huaihua or Jishou by train firstly and transit to the town by bus.

2. Accommodation: you are advised to book in advance. CNY100 and over will be needed during peak time.

3. Food: Vinegar-pepper is the main flavor. But modern hotels and restaurants provides other food with different flavors.



4.Golden Cock Lake, Suzhou

Golden Cock Lake is the biggest urban lake in China. It is a artificial lake in the urban area of Suzhou Development District. It looks like a fairy land in noisy metropolis. It will give you a tranquil feeling in the noisy city.



1. Traffic: City transportation is convenient for getting and leaving the lake. City Bus No. 26, 28, 47, 68, and 307 operates there.

2. Accommodation: CNY60-150 is enough for general accommodation. During peak time, you need book in advance.

3. Food:   Dim Sum is the feature of Suzhou. It became famous even thousand years ago.



5.Beihai Silver Beach, Guangxi

Silver Beach locates in the south of Beihai City. It is 6 kilometers from the urban area and stretches 24 kilometers from west to the east. The beach is covered with advanced white quartz, from which the beach took its name.



1. Traffic: City transportation is convenient here. City Bus No.3 can get you there. Taxi is also available at price of 15-20.

2. Accommodation: hotels in the urban area will be cheap than those close to the beach.

3. Food: seafood is of course the most popular food in Beihai for its location.