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Top 5 Shopping Paradise in Hong Kong ( WTC MORE, IFC Mall... )


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Chinese New Year is coming; you must save much money from salary to squander during Spring Festival. Here I’d like to introduce you 5 fashionable shopping places to satisfy your consumption. You never want to miss them.


Wtc More is located in the downtown area of Causeway Bay, beside the Victoria Harbor. Wtc More gathers the newest trend and the most fashionable taste and attracts a variety of international leading brands to enter and be stationed in, such as Agns b.、SPORT b.、DKNY JEANS、TISSOT and FANCL,H2O+…and this emporium has collected the no.1 brands of three categories from Japan: UNIQLO、MUJI and HARE Heather; they are first things on the shopping list.
In addition, Wtc More has 19 international top restaurants. Longhuang restaurant focuses on creative Chinese food while Wildfire has a unique and strong charcoal taste for it roasts food with volcano stones. There are AT Corner Japanese Restaurant and Vietnam Rice Paper which recommended by Michelin. Most of them can offer the views of Victoria Harbor. So during shopping intervals, you can have a rest to taste delicacies while you also can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sea.

No.2 IFC Mall (international finance centre mall)

There is only one Agns b La Loggia flagship shop in the world which contains male and female clothing, Sport b.、Voyaga、Bijoux、Fleuriste、La Maison Sur L’eau、Le Pain Grill、Caf LPG and Dlices. Loggia is designed by conception intermingled with Italian and French architecture features. You will feel like shopping in foreign countries. In the store there is a restaurant Le Pain Grill possessing more than 100 kinds of champagne and wines. It offers fresh fish from France and marine products as greatest hit dishes.

No.3 H One

H One、Harlan’s、G Bar and The Box belong to JC Group. All these restaurants have different theme and ambiance that attracts many people from political and commercial circles, celebrities in entertainment circle as well. H One is recommended by Michelin for its fashionable figure and international reputation. Recently H One even has invited Finland Michelin’chef to join in. truffle spaghetti shall not be missed which is made by Italian chef on the spot and whose eggs used for spaghetti is specially transported from Italy. The spaghetti looks golden and smells exquisite.

No.4 Apm

As a night mall praised by chic men, Apm goes in for all sorts of new promotional activities and novel combinations of merchants in order to offers consumers newly different experience. Recently Apm attracts more popular chic stores to enter and be stationed in, including Log-on which serves as a drugstore for faddish life with Japanese style. Log-on offers Healing & Relaxation, Fashion Food and Photography as special areas for consumers with different needs and sales a variety of Japanese girl's favorable beauty make-up brand Powder.

No.5 The Sun Arcade Collect Point

The Sun Arcade Opened Collect Point is the first emporium gathering Japanese five major brands LOWRYS FARM, JEANSiS, HARE, Rageblue and Heather's flagship concept store. With portable fashion for market positioning, Collect Point providing the fashion, high quality, people-friendly and highly wearable shopping options for the fashion-loving young people. The new store which covering over 500 squares and shop-in-shop for the concept, let the Japanese fashion lovers can purchase their favorites at one-stop.