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Top 6 Grand Canyons in China


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1.Three Gorges of Yangtze
Qutang Gorge, the shortest and most majestic of the 3 Gorges, winds 5 miles from Baidi town in Fengjie County to Daxi city in Wushan County. The 2 banks of the Qutang Gorge contain varied scenic spots.

Southwest of the Qutang Gorge is that the Kui Gate, conjointly known as the Qutang Pass. Two peaks, Mt. Baiyan within the north and Mt. Chijia soar on top of the horizon. The 2 mountains resemble a gate that may are created by Heaven and placed here on earth. Because the peaks along the 2 banks are 3,281 feet to 4,921 feet high and also the Yangtze River is barely 109 yards to 219 yards wide, the Yangtze River appears like a slender belt winding its means through the deep canyons. The deep gorge, fast-moving water, and chains of mountains type an imposing image.

The Wu Gorge is that the second gorge of the 3 Gorges of Yangtze River and is legendary for its class. Winding over twenty five miles, it starts from the estuary of Daning River within the west and ends at Guandukou in Badong, Hubei Province. The Wu Gorge is comprised of Golden Helmet and Silver Armor Gorge and Iron Coffin Gorge. As strange peaks, grotesque rocks additionally as fog and clouds surround the gorge; it's sometimes the foremost notable of the 3 gorges. Due to the long and deep canyons within the Wu Gorge, the daily amount of daylight is brief that impedes the dispersal of air borne moisture at intervals the gorge and thus creates clouds and fog in a very type of fantastic shapes.

Xiling Gorge, zigzagging regarding forty nine miles, is that the longest gorge among the 3 gorges of the Yangtze River. Scenery along the Xiling Gorge is spectacular. Some renowned streams, springs, stones and karst caves are often found along this section. Due to varied reefs and odd-shaped stones existing in fast shoals, the gorge is additionally accepted for its danger.

2.Tiger Leaping Gorge
About one hundred kilometers northwest of Lijiang recent city lying between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain is Tiger Leaping Gorge, which is believed to be the deepest gorge within the world. From the highest of the gorge you look down the steeply angled mountain sides to the dashing Golden Sands (Jingsha) River with its eighteen frothing rapids over two hundred meters below.

Naturally divided into 3 sections, the primary section, which is the narrowest and uppermost section. Within the midst of the river's mouth may be a giant rock that's positioned at the gorge's narrowest section-only thirty meters wide. Because the river enters the center section, it drops another one hundred meters and its flow rate will increase to an incredible speed. Here the thunderous dashing waters slam into sharp, giant rocks and crash down into the river forming swirling whirlpools.

The cliffs over-looking this section are even steeper and far additional dangerous. Here, the river twists and turns and therefore the river vigorously surges forward making high waves and a frothy spew because it collides with the mountainsides. This is often a read that conjures up a way of journey and satisfies the deepest yearnings for magnificent scenery. The gorge stretches regarding fifteen kilometers and additionally affords individuals the chance of rafting and drifting peacefully in its giant quiet sections, for the gentler of us among us and an exciting rafting journey for the more matured.

3.Taihang Mountain Gorges
Taihang Mountain Gorges are located within the southeast of Huguan County in Shanxi Province. Covering a vicinity of thirty six sq. miles, nearly seventy 5 % of the land is forest and grassland. It’s a placing land dotted by a world of caves, forest of stones, garden of assorted plants and a fairyland of animals. This distinctive landscape with abundant biological resources makes it a marvel in northern China. There are over four hundred natural landscapes and forty four tourist attractions.

The whole landscape may be a magnificent scroll painting mainly composed of Wuzhi Gorge, Wangmang Gorge, Longquan Gorge and Zituan Cave. Upon coming into this long image, you'll see the ever-changing rocks, steep cliffs, silvery waterfalls, deep pools, fascinating caves, imposing temples and spectacular legends. You’ll hear the thunderous fall of waterfalls, cheerful babbling of creeks and melodious songs of birds.

4.Grand Canyon of Yellow River
The roaring Yellow River, which rolls to Hekou Town in Inner Mongolia, chops the plateau in half which creates the boundary between Shaanxi Province and Shanxi Province. A deep gorge is formed in this way. Measuring about 435 miles, the gorge is compared to a long gallery of paintings.

The Grand Canyon creates the magnificent view into delicate and graceful beauty scenery. The vast expanses of reed marshes provide a romantic and peaceful environment. The lotus pond, from time to time, sends sweet fragrance which can be seen from far away.

5.The Great Canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo River
The Great Canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo River is totally a highlight. It’s the biggest and deepest canyon within the world, being 504.6 kilometers long and 1009 meters deep at the deepest. The typical depth is a pair of, 268 meters. 9 Natural Vertical Zones starting from the Alp Ice-snow belt to tropical seasonal forests are represented during this space. All types of wildlife exist here, therefore the nice Canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo River is thought to be 'the Gene Pool of Biological Resources', while enjoying fame as a 'Geological Museum' as a result of the varied geological phenomena found.

6.Nujiang River Gorge
The Dulong Gorge is regarded as a natural museum of wild plants. It is located in the boundary area between northwestern Yunnan and Burma with the Gaogongli Mountain on the eastern bank. This little-known gorge is completely isolated from the outside world when snow blocks the way from October to May.