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Top 6 Places to Visit in China in Spring


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Spring is the time when everything revive after the long hibernation, definitely the right time to see the thriving nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Here is a list of top 6 best China spring travel destinations.

No.1 Guizhou
Features: diversified minority cultures, seas of rape-seed flowers

Being too low profile, Guizhou is comparatively not quite famous to foreign tourists. Actually, it is a hidden paradise with fantastic natural wonders and distinctive minority cultures. In terms of its natural beauty, the famous Huanguoshu Waterfall, fabulous Dragon Palace Cave, the beautiful Malinghe Canyon, plus the endless seas of rape-seed flowers are all worth a tour. Apart from all these, Guizhou is an ideal place to have a taste of peculiar minority cultures of China, including their colorful clothes, destinctive culinary delights and traditional festivals (Sister's Meal Festival on April 17; Siyueba Festival on May 10).

No. 2 Yangtze Cruise
Features: A wonderful cruise along Yangtze River at a lower price with less crowds.

A China tour would not be intact without a Yangtze River Cruise, as commented by many tourists. Generally speaking, Spring is a low season for the Yangtze Cruise, so cruising during this time can sure save a lot of money and meet less tourist crowds, with no lowering down landscapes. Along the river, the intact countryside life and the terrific natural beauty of Three Gorges, the mysterious Fengdu Ghost City can all be seen if paddling through Lesser Three Gorges.

No.3 Yunnan
Features: a land of flowers, a place of outstanding ethnic cultures.

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan is known as Spring City. All the year around, the temperature here is comfortable which make it possible for prosperity in flowers and other plants. A stroll in the flower world will certainly get you the splendor of Yunnan color.

Furthermore, as home to 25 minority groups, Yunnan also boasts unrivaled sources for precious ethnic cultures: some living in ancient towns like Dali and Lijiang where their traditions have kept for hundreds of years; while some others dwelling in remote sacred mountains like Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and great rivers gorges like Tiger Leaping Gorge.

No. 4 Huangshan
Features: one of the most wonderful mountains in China, charming countryside scenes

Mt. Huangshan is the model of Chinese ink paintings, most well-known for venerable pine trees, the steep mountains, ocean-like layered clouds and multi-shaped rocks.

Apart from Mt. Huangshan itself, there survives two World Heritage listed ancient villages not far from Huangshan city. Both of which are well preserved till today, not only of the constructions but also the folk's custom and life styles.

No.5 Guilin
Features: a paradise for outdoor activities

Spring may be the best time to show Guilin's fantastic karst landscape, with drizzles floating in the fresh air, the picturesque Li River flows elegantly, soaring peaks & pinnacles on the riversides entwining with thin mists. Cruising on the Li River, enjoying the limpid waters, thriving groves, rustic views of rice paddies, water buffaloes and people farming or fishing, you may have the feeling that you are in a Chinese painting.

What's more, if weather permits, roaming the famous West Street, rafting along Yulong River, climbing up Elephant Trunk Hill, cycling along the peaceful countryside roads, flying kites on city plazas are also good choice to enrich your trip.

No.6 Suzhou and Hangzhou
Features: the so-called paradise on the earth, nice weather in spring

As the saying goes, in Heaven, there is a paradise, on the earth, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou, the unsurpassable beauty is thoroughly described. In spring, the climate is usually nice and the temperature swings are rather small.

A leisurely walk along the winding corridors in a classical garden in Suzhou, listen to traditional music, you would find yourself a oasis from the hustle city. While in Hangzhou, take a boat on the picturesque West Lake, pay a visit to the ancient Lingyin Temple, sip some fragrant Chinese tea and enjoy the colorful nightlife of Hangzhou are all terrific choices.