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Top 6 Romantic Ancient Towns


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1.Wuzhen, a delicate water township

With six thousand years history, Wuzhen is one of four ancient water townships in South Yangtze. Wuzhen is a typical southern water town, known as the "land of fish and rice, hometown of silk”. A stream runs through the town. The river course is full of buildings, forming a busy market street and fantasying scenery.  Wuzhen is a cover of southern China, with years of cultural heritage. Simple beautiful rivers and lakes scenery, unique flavor cuisine, colorful folk festivals, profound cultural heritage and everlasting way of life make Wuzhen become a living fossil of ancient Oriental Civilization.


2.Wanan, Majestic Ancient Town of Hui style

Wanan is an ancient town located 4 km east of the Xiuning. It is one of the four ancient towns in Huizhou. It lies at the north shore of river, standing near the water and Anhui-Jiangxi Railway, and Tunxi-Jingdezhen Highway running through the town. At the end of the ancien town is the beautiful mountain scenery. Wanan is located in the basin, and when Xiuning arteries leaded to the state capital, the town became the early settlements of foreign residents. In the land developed, the Wanan Ancient Town has been the wharf, and many salesmen came to the town. Towns in about 5 li Ming and Qing Dynasties are Xiuning the first nine markets, there is reputation of "small Xiuning Town, big Wanan Street”.


3.Huangyao, a Picturesque Ancient Town in Guangxi

Huangyao Ancient Town is located in the Northeast of Zhaoping County, 72 kilometers from Hezhou, and 200 kilometers from Guilin. Huangyao is a ancient town with a long history over 1000 years. It was originated from Song period, flourished in Ming period, and got its climax during the Qianlong era of Qing period. It has been listed as provincial scenic area. Over 600 families live in the eight streets of the town. The architectures are most of Qing style. It is surrounded by hills and mountains. It is not convenient in transportation, which help preserve the old architectures and relics.


4.Fenghuang, a comely fairy ancient town in West Hunan

Fenghuang is a national cultural ancient town in west Hunan. It mixes the natural and cultural features together, forming the essence of attracting visitors. It was firstly built in Kangxi era in the Qing Dynasty. It is called the pearl of West Hunan. It is a small town with only one street, but actually a green corridor.


5.Dang Family Village, a plain old town in Shaanxi

It is located in the northeast of Hanchen City. It is 1.5 kilometers from the National Highway 108 in the west, and 3.5 kilometers from Yellow River. The stone path, the gates and castles along the street, the unique riding stone, the erecting Wenxin Pavilion, the mysterious Pearl, the beautiful Arch and the stone manors shows us the glory and climax in history.


6.Shaxi, a leading ancient town in Yunnan

Shaxi is located in the south of Jianchuan County of Yunan Province, the south of Three-River Natural Reserve, and between Lijiang and Dali. Shaxi is a small village surrounded by hills. It has clean water, fresh air, and green trees. A river runs through the village. The village is a tie between Tibet and China during Tang Dynasty. It acted as a freight station of economical and cultural communication.