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Top 7 Smelly Food around the World


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We always cannot help drool when talk about delicious food (esp. a food lover, or we can say, gastronome, like me, I love Chinese food particularly) while for these food below, dare you have a taste? The top 7 smelly food around the world.

1. TEX MEX: a condiment from Spain, its smell is a little bit like body odor;
It seems nice, right? Have you ever tasted it? I haven't, maybe you can tell me how you think about it.

2. Pickled canned herring: smelling and some sour;
I like fish, while I don't know whether I can bear its smell

3. Sliced skate: from South Korea, smelling like ammonia; another new item to me, I haven't seen it before, let alone to have a taste, so I won't make any judgement about it.

4. Kiviak

5. Strong-smelling preserved bean curd (chou doufu in Chinese)

It is a typical Chinese food, it does smelly, while it is also tasty. Among all Chinese provinces and regions, Strong-smelling preserved bean curd in Hunan is the most noted. If you have a chance to China, do remember to ask your travel agency to add a Chinese cuisine taste activity.
6. Guava: Maybe most of you are familiar with this kind of fruit, so I won't bother to say more.

7. Durian: It is a poison to someone, while also a drug to some others, right?

Well, by the way, some days ago, on July 4, 2011, CNN made a report which listed Chinese Century eggs (pidan in Chinese) as the top1 disgusting food among top 10 culinary challenges they've been unlucky (or lucky) enough to chow down on.

The original article goes as "It's awful -- it tastes like the devil cooked eggs for me,""It tastes like something that used to be an egg, but made some really horrible choices."

As for me, there is nothing serious to care too much about this, everone has his own saying, if you are smart enough, you will not be easily frightened by the report to stop eating such kind of food, right? As Shakespeare said that "There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes". We cannot force all those think in one way, agree? So I don't think it necessary to resist against this article and make CNN to apologize ( while, CNN do make an apologies on July 7, 2011).Just laugh it off, that is enough. Anyway, I like the Century eggs, they are delicious and also bear quite a lot advantages good for our health.

You want to have a try of such kind of "devil cooked eggs", dare you to make such "horrible choices"? It is quite nice actually, at least it is to my favor. You can make your own judgement after you have a try by yourself.