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Top Ten "Hot" Hot Springs in Winter


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Because hot springs have a very high mineral content, containing everything from simple calcium to lithium, and even radium, hot spring has high medical values to human body and it’s a great way to relax your body in winter. However, similar to exercising, soaking in hot springs can increase your heart rate and cause you to be tired, so better have an hour rest before you have hot springs bath.

No.1 Tangshan Yishang Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Tangshan Yishang Hot Spring Holiday Resort, which is the biggest outdoors hot spring resort in Eastern China, boasts 50 hot spring ponds in total, such as flowery one filled with petals, various tonic ponds filled with traditional Chinese medicines, intriguing milk pond and coffee pond etc. among them, the most famous one must be the one which is filled with small nibbling fish. Thousands of nibbling fish will surround people to help clean their skin, as soon as the people get into the water. Moreover, tourist can have complimentary red tea, fruits and cotton buds after bath.
Location: 8, Wenquan Road, Tangshan town, Jiangning District, Nanjing

No.2 Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring, which is located near the juncture of Zhejiang province, Jiangsu Province and Anhui province, is really deep in the beautiful natural scenery of sea of bamboos and forest. Meanwhile, it consists of five parts of Holiday Hotel, Central Hot Spring Area, Holiday Villa, sports area and feature commercial area.
Location: Tianmu Lake Holiday Resort, Liyang, Changzhou city, Jiangsu Provinc

No. 3 Tangshan Shengquan Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Tangshan Shengquan Hot Spring, which enjoys a high reputation of “No.1 Spring in China”, locates at the Tangshan town, one of the four hometowns of hot spring. Tangshan Shengquan Hot spring holiday resort, which covers an area of over 10,000 sqm, consists of high-grade hot spring baths, hotel facilities and comprehensive leisure and sports facilities.
Location: 228, Tangquan Dong Road, Tangshan Town, Nanjing

No.4 Suzhou Tianyi Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Suzhou Tianyu Hot Spring Holiday Resort has a business area of over 10,000 sqm, of which the indoor area of 39 hot spring ponds covers about 2, 4000 sqm. Besides, the ponds are divided into six zones with different themes, Aromatherapy Bath, original taste, leisure etc. with rockeries, waterfalls, bridges interspersed in these zones, here will give you more pleasure experiences while have hot spring bath.
Location: Wangshan Ecological Park,Yuexi Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

No. 5 Tianmu, Yangzhou Slender West Lake Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Entering Yangzhou looks like opening massive cultural and historical books. The history of over 2,500 years gives Yangzhou a splendid and glorious image of a cultural old town. The Tianmu, Yangzhou Slender West Lake Hot Spring Holiday Resort, which explains the landscape and people in a great and vivid way, gives this book a vivid page with romantic charm.
Location: changchun road,weiyang district,city Yangzhou

No. 6 Baoding Dawu Hot Spring Holiday Resort

The spring water, which comes from the 3,003 meters underground, is rich in a variety of beneficial minerals to people, besides, it has positive effect on the regulation of cardiac and vascular system and the nervous system, lower Blood pressure, as well as some diseases of endocrine disorders, dermatitis, and neuritis etc.
Location: located at the crossroad of Fuxing Road and Chengnei Dajie, Xushui county, Baiding, Hebei province

No.7 Nanjing Tangshan No.1 Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Nanjing Tangshan No.1 Hot Spring Holiday Resort, which is located inside the scenic Nanjing military region hot spring sanitarium, offers accommodation, dining, entertainment and conference hall services. With an area of over 453, 600 sqm, this resort consists five zones, outdoor Hot spring ponds area, villa area, dining area, conference area and physical therapy area.

No.8 Chongqing Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Area

Tongjing Hot Spring is one of the "12 Famous Scenic Spots of Chongqing", known for its spring, bamboo, fountains, caves, gorges, hilltop pools and ancient castles. Temperature of hot springs is as high as 62℃ and daily amount of water gushing reaches 28,000 tons, spring water is rich in strontium, fluorine, lithium, hydrogen, radon, calcium sulfate, silicic acid and other ingredients, which may be noted as the "Best Spring of Southwest China".

No.9 Chibi Longyou Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Chibi Longyou Hot Spring Holiday Resort locates 5 km away from Chibi, 110 km north to Wuhan, and 70 km south to Yueyang, 210 km to Changsha and 40 km west to Chibi Ancient Battlefield and in the mountains of Wuhong. Mount Wuhong hot spring has long written history, and it is also said that here was one station of the South Tour of Emperor Shun. At that time, his two concubines Ehuang and Nvying followed him to here and became the goddesses of Xiang River.
Location: Fenghuang Mountain, Chibi, Hubei Province

No. 10 Jilin Shennong Hot Spring Holiday Resort

Jilin Shennong Hot Spring Holiday Resort locates at the junction of Jinlin and Changchun, 18 km away from the Jinlin downtown, 80 km to Changchun downtown. With an area of over 5,000,000 sqm, and 62℃ hot spring which is rich in radon, soda, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, and other 30 kinds of trace minerals, this holiday resort is loved by numerous people.
Location:Dahuangdi Village, Gudianzi Town, Changyi District,Jilin