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Double Seventh Festival

In China, the Double Seventh Festival, or Ingenuity-begging Festival (to plead for skills) falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. The festival originates from the legend of the loyal love between cowherd and weaving girl.

The food customs in every place for the competition aren't essentially constant however are all referred to as having propitious food. Dumplings, noodles, deep-fried twisted dough sticks and wontons are largely included, among that the foremost famous is that the Fried skinny Paste.

On the festival, women beg for bright heart and knitting and needlecraft skills from the goddess in heaven. Celebrations also are held within the theme of the Double Seventh competition everywhere in China, like the customs of "seed plant for child", "catch dew" and "sworn sisterhood below the moon". There are numerous folk’s customs of ingenuity tests in ancient China. Conjointly the maids in palace also paid nice attention to the activities that are sometimes supported by the emperor. Within the romantic evening, women prepare melons and seasonal foods below the moon before worship and prayers for skills and an honest wedding.

As China's Valentine's Day, the Double Seventh competition is that the most romantic one in every of all ancient Chinese festivals, and conjointly on a daily basis most valued by women within the past. Today, it's still one amongst our favorite festivals below evolvement and innovation primarily based on the normal culture.