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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice falls on December twenty two or twenty three (solar calendar) each year. It may be a solar term in Chinese lunar calendar and a standard pageant yet. It's the day when the Northern Hemisphere has the shortest daytime and longest nighttime within the whole year. When it is winter solstice, the daytime can grow increasingly longer and the coldest amount involves the northern a part of the world, that is usually referred to as "JinJiu", suggesting that when winter solstice comes, we'll meet the coldest time ahead.

Commonly called "Potlatch", "Changzhi Festival" and "Yasui", etc., winter solstice may be a rather huge pageant hooked up with nice importance by the Chinese folks, therefore the old saying does "Winter solstice is as vital because the Spring Festival". It’s a custom to celebrate the arrival of winter solstice that is considered worthy since it's the start of a solar term circulation. Conjointly it's an auspicious day deserving celebration. Such a motto continues to be going spherical within the south of the Yangtze River that "People are one year older when finishing the winter solstice dinner", that is usually referred to as "tiansui" (growing older). Within the Tang and Song Dynasties, it absolutely was on winter solstice that heaven and ancestor worship was performed. On at the moment, the emperor would hold a solemn heaven worship ceremony within the suburbs and customary folks would supply sacrifice to their late oldsters and ancestors.

The tradition of winter solstice has been handed down till currently. On at the moment, folks in North China can butcher goats and eat dumplings and wontons, whereas southerners can have winter solstice rice balls and long noodles. and every one across China, sacrifice to heaven and ancestors is obtainable on at the moment.