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60 Years of Chinese Coiffure

Since the founding of New China, braids, bob, the "Yamaguchi Momoe" mop, the spiky bomb and the skewed ponytail, have been the most fashionable hairstyle within these 60 years . However, now, Chinese women tend to wear their hair in a more colourful cuts and styles.

The 1950s Braids
In the early years of the People's Republic of China, unmarried young women liked to wear their hair into two heavy braids,  ornamented with red silk strings.
The 1960s Bob
the Great Leap Forward, took place in China from the end of 1950s to the beginning of 1960s, during which time the bob replaced braids as the most fashionable hairstyle. The bob can be at ear-length, complemented the popular olive green army uniform, was the typicl choice of Chinese women, especially as marriageable suit.
Yamaguchi Momoe Mop, the spiky bomb, and classic shoulder-length locks of the 1980s
Yamaguchi Momoe Mop became famous for the famous Japanese astress Yamaguchi Momoe, who was bearing a cute-and-innocent image, and accentuated by her unruly mop, were an idol in the 1980s, only when Hong Kong actress Brigitte Lin brought the elegant shoulder-length locks into China, the Yamaguchi Momoe Mop began to be superseded. With reform and opening up in the 1980s, Hong Kong and Taiwan pop music, along with the western fashion, speaded all over the Chinese mainland, and making the spiky bomb hairstyle became the first hoice of young women.
The 1990s Skewed Ponytail
The Skewed Ponytail was famous for Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung, who made it a national hair-wear favorite, making it a typical hairstyle of the 1990s.

The 21st Century Cuts
Now China is increasingly open, Chinese women can change hairstyle freely as they like, but currently the most favored hairstyle is tied with choiced cuts that originate in the West, or the ROK and Japan. Their strong silky locks suit almost all cuts.