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Chinese Embroidered Shoes

In the shoe family, Chinese-style embroidered shoes, which are deemed as an ideal combination of the shoe culture and the art of embroidery, are a 100-percent handicraft creation by Chinese women. Deeply rooted in Chinese culture, they're reputed as "Chinese shoes".

In ancient China, the social division of labor has been primarily based on “men ploughing and ladies weaving”. Ethics and morals, cultural traditions, aesthetic conceptions and the fashion of various dynasties have all been well expressed by the needle and thread with that delicate and fascinating changes are incorporated. The tradition of embroidering shoes has been passed down from generation to generation by Chinese women.

The themes for shoe embroidery originate from way of life -- like people culture and people customs -- and nature, as well as flowers and grass, birds and beasts, and theatrical figures. Colorful silky threads are used to embroider elaborate patterns on the shoe from heel to toe, and from the only to the shoe padding.

The seemingly ancient embroidered shoes fall into completely different types: stylish, indoor and ancient. The right combination of the style and tradition manufacture a really distinctive product. The foremost engaging facet of embroidered shoes is their soft texture and luxury. As a result, embroidered shoes are back trendy, particularly among youngsters.

Over twenty ethnic teams still wear embroidered shoes as a part of their characteristic dress. Many youngsters believe embroidered shoes add slightly of magnificence to the trendy lady while not wanting too conservative. Embroidered shoes became over footwear recently -- they're one in every of the nation's cultural treasures.