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Chinese Traditional Bellyband

Bellyband, once utilized by the ancients for sheltering, has later become the underwear to stay the belly heat and shield the breast. In fact, especially females, also wear bellybands when the Western Qin Dynasty.

Bellyband is known so much its glorious workmanship and exquisite needlecraft. The embroidery pattern on it's a good vary of subjects and contents, such as auspice, ease and luxury, exorcising evil spirits, and happiness of the family with several kids, etc. Pregnant with which means and sensible desires, bellyband has gradually become a well-liked gift on festivals and different days of jubilation, for instance, on the marriage day.

With an extended time evolution and development, bellyband not solely survives within the twenty first century, but, after the frilly alteration of the style designers, makes a desirable look during this trendy world. Maybe the charm of bellyband lies in it’s operating of presenting the supple and swish carriage of females.