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Chinese Tunic Suit

The tunic suit was prevalent in China for many years, called by the Westerners as the "Mao tunic" or "Mao suit". However,  Mao Zedong is not the first person to bring in such suit.

It is called by the Chinese themselves "Zhongshan Zhuang" or "Zhongshan suit" as it was a uniform that Dr. Sun Yat-sen (better known among the Chinese as Sun Zhongshan) favored to wear and recommended to the people of the country.

It was chronic in ancient China to change the styles of the people's clothes whenever a new dynasty substituted the old one. Since the 1911 Revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen overturned the Qing Dynasty and founded the Republic of China. Members of his Nationalist Party proposed to change the national costume. As Dr. Sun strongly favoured the casual dress prevalent in Guangdong Province, he recommened it as the new kind of cloth in the new country, meanwhile, he proposed some modifications. A designer based on his suggestions and produced the tunic with four pockets and a turned-down collar and with five buttons. Simpler and more practical than the former style. From then on Dr. Sun set a personal example by wearing the tunic suit on various occasions, soon it became fashionable all over the country.