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Embroidered Shoes

Embroidered shoes, is a perfect association of the Shoe Culture with Embroidery Art. They are embroidered with beautiful ornamental patterns on the uppers. This distinctinctive handicraft is deeply rooted in the national culture and functions as an indispensable item for daily use, reputed as "Chinese shoes".

In the Neolithic Age( as early as 5,000 years ago ), leather boots already emerged in China. Gradually, shoes made of other different kinds of materials in viries styles appeared. After division of labor in society, men exclusively till the land and women weave cloth. Diligent and intelligent Chinese women passed down the ancient technique of embroidering shoes from generation to generation. They were recording the aesthetic awareness, ethics and moralities, cultural traditions as well as the fashion trends of each dynasty stitch by stitch on the tiny shoes. From welt to sole, vamp to upper. The motif of decorative patterns, originates from folk culture and customs, such as flowers, birds, insects, fish, mountains, rivers, fruits, and well-known figures in traditional operas.

Auspicious patterns like having a baby soon and a life-long happy marriage later prevailed. The continuing changing values and the commen pursuit for a happy life are vividly recorded in these valuable embroidered products.  
It is well-known that ancient Chinese women were strictly disciplined, they were required to be capable to knitting embroider. Quite a lot of Chinese women began learning embroider and make shoes since their childhood, as a woman would be regarded diligent and talented if she could make nice embroidered shoes. Meanwhile, a bride-to-be had to make shoes, clothes, and daily items with excellent embroidery as the trousseau for herself. They spent their endeavor on embroidered shoes for almost a dozen years, until their wedding days. These embroidered shoes shows their purity, deligence, loyalty to love, and pursuit for happiness.  
Embroidered shoes are valuable cultural heritages possessed by the Chinese nation. Among the Chinese 55 ethnic minorities, more than 20, such as Miao,  Dong, Yao, Zhuang, Yi, regarded embroidered shoes as one of the particular characteristic of their costumes, and the embroidered patterns of each ethic minority are varied, yet with the same label - China.