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Forelock Styles of Ancient China

In ancient China, women attached no less importance to their forelock and earlock than to other parts of the body. Furthermore, a forelock style played quite an essential role in their make-up, and the fashion trends are changing in accordance to trends in different time periods. For instance, in the Qin Dynasty, solemn and tidy styles were prevalent. At that time, life and death were greatly connected with wars. So in order to pray for safety, both men and women would cut their hair at a certain length and looked cleaner and tidier. In the early Han Dynasty, women succeeded the Qin-Dynasty style and later wore their hair into a curved hook.

In a word, the change of hairstyles and make-up is closely linked to the level of social consciousness. And to some extent, acted as the best reflection of the human mind. No matter how you act or what you think, your appearance expose all.