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Heyday of Cheongsam in Shanghai

Shanghai, since opened as a commercial port in 1843, both Chinese and westerners gathered there, became one of the first cities that came into contact with western thoughts and fashions. Consequently, the clothing styles were undergoing dramatic changes. Later on, as increasing number of Chinese went to Europe and Japan, western clothing styles were inflowed to Shanghai more and more, resulting in the prosperous clothing industry in Shanghai, where, gradually turned into the center of women's fashions in China.

It is said that the cheongsam is the earliest fashion for women in Shanghai. However, the styles of the cheongsam changed annually. In the old days, those well-known young ladies like Zhou Xuan, Huang Zongying, Shangguan Yunzhu and Ruan Lingyu were dressed in cheongsams, dancing and performing under the scarlet screen and the bright mercury lamp of the Majestic Theatre on Jiangning Road and Shanghai Concert Hall, which added much beauty, self-respect and glamour to Shanghai. Especially, Miss Hu Die were chased after by quite a large number of young ladies in old Shanghai. From such a lot of photos in which she wore cheongsams, we can find out the popularity of cheongsams in Old Shanghai.