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Secret of Women Attraction

The enduring beauty standard of Chinese feminine beauty is as follows: new-moon-shaped eyebrows, a rosy plump oval face, delicate and soft limbs and fingers, and fine porcelain skin. A protruding collarbone and a long elegant neck, a slender waist and a small waist-to-hip ratio were also the focus of secondary erogenous zones in China. The traditional Chinese theory of beauty says that re vital for feminine beauty.


It is long held in Chinese ancient painting theory that an oval face makes for the best proportioned features. In addition, sweet dimples in the cheeks, or Jiuwo, literally a pit of wines in Chinese, are definitely a plus for female charm.

Chinese poets often compare beautiful women to peach blossoms in spring. The eyes are long and slightly up curved at the corners. Under the eyelashes is a pair of misty black pupils.

Chinese people believe that the eyes and eyebrows of a woman can speak her mind. Long, bushy and curved eyebrows, “A" shaped eyebrows and half-moon or arched-willow-leaves eyebrow were popular in different times. Since the mid-14th century, thin, long and slightly curved eyebrows have been the major trend.

Chinese people adore a small, rosy, glossy, and gently up-curved mouth, the so-called "Cherry-like-little Mouth."
More than skin deep, a Chinese beauty should also have good temperament, manners, tastes, and style of conversation. The “three obedience and four virtues" concludes: Beautiful appearance, impeccable morality, proper speech, and diligent housework; In addition, a woman should be obedient to her father before marriage, to her husband after marriage and to her son after her husband's death.