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Women Makeup of Chinese Tang Dynasty

Facial makeup was an elaborate method for ladies during Tang Dynasty. Although facial makeup had not been invented within the Tang Dynasty, it advanced throughout this progressive era. It began with a foundation of face powder, followed by rouge and a dusting of sunshine yellow powder. Bluish black eyebrows were then painstakingly painted in, lipstick applied, and dimples either added or accentuated. Last was a decorative style either pasted or painted on the forehead.

Eyebrows have perpetually taken precedence at intervals Chinese facial aesthetics, every vogue with its own name. Tang Dynasty eyebrows painted in bluish black were known as daimei, long, fine eyebrows were emei, and guangmei eyebrows were short and thick. Eyebrow modes seen within the imperial palace included the yuanyang, fuyun, daoyun, chuizhu, yueleng, xiaoshan, sanfeng, fenshao, hanyan, and wuyue. In style folks eyebrow designs included the queyue, liuye, kuo and bazi.

The ornamental styles Tang beauties pasted on their foreheads were usually of bird feathers or black paper, and probably of shell, goldleaf, fishbone or mica. Or they might merely paint on a motif. The scope for innovation in these modern conjure trends had been exhausted by the late Tang Dynasty, when ladies stopped using face powder and coloured their lips black, within the "Sad" or "Tear" gothic mode that gave a lot of dramatic stress to female beauty.