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Yun Brocade of Nanjing

It is no doubt that the brocade is the representive of the highest techniques of all the ancient drapery. Do you heard about Yun Brocade of Nanjing? It incorporate weaving techniques of all dynasties which is called "Cloud Brocade" in Chinese. The reason why it is called Yun Brocade is that the cloud-patterns often appear in the brocade. Owing to the quintessence of Chinese weaving techniques, Yun Brocade of Nanjing become the three types of celebrated brocade in ancient times together with the Song Brocade and Shu Brocade. What's more, it comes first among them. Highly praised as "One of Unique Chinese Techniques", and "Treasure of the World", Yun Brocade is a traditional type of figured brocade in Chinese brocade. We should protect this precious traditional artwork.

As early as Wu in the 3rd century, the figured Brocade of Nanjing was established to define brocade production and assignment in 417, the 13th year during the Period of Yixi in the late Eastern Jin Dynasty because it is a government agency on the national level. The office is located beside Douchang Temple on the bank of Qinhuai River in the southeast of the capital, which was called "Douchang Brocade Office".

As you know, Yun Brocade has a long history and is believed formally born in 417 when Brocade Office was officially established in Jiankang (contemporary Nanjing) in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In other words, Yun Brocade of Nanjing embraces a long history of over 1580 years. There were over 30,000 weaving machines, as well as nearly 300,000 people engaged in it or in related industries, which made it become the largest handicraft industry in synchronous Nanjing. It sets a good example for nation's handicraft industry.