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China has tridimensional and comprehensive transportation system, such as planes, trains, ships, buses subways and bikes. You can anywhere you like in China, even Tibet, one of the most inaccessible regions in the world.


1. Fly to China


Airplane is the most convenient and fastest means of transportation, though it is also the most expensive. Thousands of domestic and international airlines were operated in China. The hubs of China's air travel are Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, with thousands of flight to major cities in the world.


2. Travel by Train


Due to its vast territory, traveling by train in China is the cheapest way. You are recommended to book a soft sleeper, because there are separate waiting lounges and preferential boarding. On the trains or in the railway stations in some big cities, English signs and English broadcastings are available. There are also international trains from Beijing to Ulan Bator, Moscow, Hanoi and Pyongyang.

Special Lines:

(1) Several high-speed railways with bullet trains have been put to use till now, such as Wuhan-Guangzhou, Beijing-Tianjin, Zhengzhou-Xian. They run at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.
(2) Shangri-La Express, formerly known as Orient Express, is a luxury, privately owned hotel train traveling the route of the caravans of the ancient Silk Road.
(3) Shanghai Maglev Train (Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line) is the first commercial maglev line in the world. With a speed of 431 km/hr, it was enrolled by Guinness Records in 2003 as the fastest train in the world in commercial use. It runs from Putong Airport to the center of Shanghai.


3. China Highway Travel

The total mileage of highways in China had reached 373, 020, 0 kilometers by the end of 2008. Almost all the towns, counties and cities are accessible by highway. Therefore, buses can actually take you anywhere. Road conditions are usually very good except in remote areas. It is a good choice for short distance.


4. Take Taxis

You can find taxis in almost every corner of cities in China. Comparing with taxis in western countries, the fare is relatively inexpensive. Tourists can also hire a taxi for a half or a whole day, but firstly make sure to agree on a price with the driver. After the Beijing Olympic, more and more taxi drivers in Beijing can speak English, more or less, which is convenient for foreigners.


5. China Waterway Cruise

China now has over 140,000 kilometers of navigable inland waterway, including the Yangtze River, the Pearl River, the Heilongjiang River, the Huangpu River, as well as the Grand Canal.


6. Subway in Cities

Subways are found now only in metropolises, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, and Shenzhen, as well as Hong Kong and Taipei. Subways are also under construction in cities such as Xiamen, Wuxi, and Zhengzhou. Although not fully developed and covered, it takes you to the major places within these cities.


7. Ride Bicycles

China impresses many as the kingdom of bicycles. Bicycles are an excellent method for looping tourist sites. Bicycles in China are ingrained in daily life. Riding bicycle is also a good way of physical exercise or a sport.


8. Walk in China

Walking into the lanes or the neighborhoods can offer you the authentic experience of common people’s life in China. There are some tips for your reference.


(1) Better buy a tourist map of the city in both English and Chinese.
(2) Look both ways while crossing the streets, even the green light is on.
(3) Bring some coins for subways and buses and cashes in change for taxis. The drivers do not prefer changing the 100-yuan bill.
(4) Get a business card of your hotel on hand, in case of getting lost. Or ask the staff to write your destinations in both English and Chinese.
(5) Don't carry valuables and documents in a backpack in case of pickpockets, especially in crowded public places and tourist spots. If must, put them in a shoulder bag or waist bag, and keep them within your eyesight scope.




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