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Useful 8 Tour Tips in Dragon Boat Festival Visit


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1. Make detailed plan ahead, especially the contingency plan in case of some accident.
2. Elaborately select the routs and travel agency
Consult as much as possible, to know more information about varies travel agency, among which you have to make a good selection. Pay more attention to those agencies of qualified and high operating strength. The most important is to sign a legal contract beforehand.

3.Needless to say, safty is the most compelling all the time, whenever go out for a visit, you can never be careless, take some aidmedicine with you if possible, like knives, ropes and tourniquet, etc.
4.In the peak season of traveling, do take care of personal hygiene, take your own towel along with you, take shower is better, and take some simple disinfection supplies, like disinfectant, antisepsis tissue, etc.

5.Try to prevent travel fatigue syndrome, especially on the way to your destination. You can stand for a while after sitting for a long time or have a short walk if you are in a train.

6.Relax all the time to keep mental health, making the tour really a releasing time.

7. Be careful when go shopping. Do not follow the majorities, always keep yourself clear, if you want to buy some souvenir, you can go to the standard stores. When your legitimate rights and interests have been violated, you have the right to lodge complaints according to the relevant regulations to the local consumer organization or the Tourist Administration.

8. Be temperant, do not overeating or over drinking when found some delicious local flavors, arrange time to sleep and visit reasonably.