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World Heritage Sites

China has 40 World Heritage Sites, ranking thrid in the world (Spain ranks first, and Italy ranks second). Among the 40, there are 27 cultural sites in China, many of these are the religious in nature and profied on scared destinations, such as Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Warriors, Mogao Caves, Mount Taishan, Great Wall etc.


  • Suzhou Grand Canal Cruise

    The Grand Canal may be a water conservancy project built in ancient China. The Grand Canal starts from Beijing in the north and ends at Hangzhou in the south. The Grand Canal measures 1700 kilometers in length. Initially created at the period of Spring-Autumn Period, within the fifth century BC, the Grand Canal was extended within the seventh century, and once more within the thirteenth century. T
  • Residential Houses

    For its historic town site, architecture and the ancient water-supply system, Lijiang was made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. With a history of more than 800 years, the private houses of Lijiang represent its splendor in detail. Leans against two big mountains to its north and west escaping chilly wind from northwest, the Old Town of Lijiang faces spacious ground to the east and south r