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Chongqing Zoo

Located at the western suburb of the main urban area, Chongqing Zoo is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The nature scene is a great treasure. With an area of about 45 hectares, it has over 200 species of animals and 1,000 birds and some amusement facilities. This mid-sized zoo was built in the 1950s. Tea house and restaurants are also available here too. There are pens or corrals for animals and amusement facilities, and the two kinds of pandas in the Panda Room are the star attraction.

Another rare animal must be the South China Tiger, which is thought to be about the rarest kind of tiger. There may be less than 20 left in the wild. There is also a Tibetan bear with a yellowish colored head that dances when people give it coke or goodies.

Visitors can see the giant pandas and the cat-like small pandas and their offspring. Between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. in the Panda house, visitors can see the pandas feeding. The small pandas are a species of animal that look like big but unusually long house cats, very cute.

The amusement facilities include an open stage and a roller skating rink and a children’s play area.  There are also nice place to get refreshments.



1. South China Tiger, Giant pandas and red pandas
2. Children’s play area, roller skating rink, stage, and restaurants.


Chongqing Zoo Notes

Admission Fee:
CNY20   January, September, November and December
CNY30   February-August and October

Address: 25 Xijiao Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing


Chongqing Zoo Remark

Touring Activities:

1. See the pandas and other animals.

2. Children can enjoy the children’s amusement areas and roller skate.