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Dazu Grottoes

Lies in Dazu County, which is 167 kilometers away from the urban area of Chongqing city, Dazu Grottoes is a general designation of the stone statues distributed in 76 places in the whole Dazu County, the number of the stone statues amounts to 60,000.

The Dazu Rock Carving is a piece of great work of China's grotto art, which is not only rich in content but also carved with marvelous technique. With perfectly combined the scientific principles of mechanics, optics, and clairvoyance with statues themselves and landform, the Dazu Rock Carving is reputed as "Artistic Palace of the Tang and Song Dynasties".

Since the very beginning time of the Yonghui time of the Tang Dynasty, it experienced the Yonghui time of the Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties, Southern Song and Northern Song Dynasties (A.D.960-1278) and Ming and Qing Dynasties, most of these dynasties witnessed its prosperous developing times. Finally, a large rock-carving group was formed. With over 40 rock carvings and over 50,000 statues, Dazu Grottoes is hailed as the "Magic Pearl of Oriental Art" home and abroad. The Baodingshan and Beishan two rock carvings are the most famous and on the biggest scale. Most of the 10,000 stone statues in Beishan are gathered in Fowan, a 500-meter-long U-shaped section which looks like a new moon. These rock carvings were excavated in the Jingfu time of the Song Dynasty (A.D.892). The statues in these rock caves are lifelike and excavated elaborately, the most wonderful ones are several statues of Guan Yin, Wen Shu and Pu Xian.


Baodingshan of Dazu Rock Carving


Located center on Dafowan (Great Buddha Crescent, a horseshoe-shaped mountain), the Baodingshan of Dazu Rock Carving has 13 scenic spots. In the east are the Xiaofowan, Daota, Longtoushan, Shushishan, Huang po, in the south is the Duimianfo, in the west are the Guangdashan, Fozhuyan and in the north are the Yanwan, longtan, Duimianfo. The stone statues in Dafowan are on the largest scale and have the highest artistic value.

In the 500-meter-long and 15-30-meter-high cliff of the Dafowan, there are over 10,000 small or large statues, along with some stone tablets recording the origin of Baodingshan and Buddhism.

Carved according to the landform, the statues in Dafowan are tall and magnificent with wide subjects and in rigorous design. And the content is mainly about the sutra stories. The main features "Six Recurrents", "Loving parents Buddhist Image", "Hail Buddhist Image" are all vivid and full of profound significance.


Beishan of Dazu Rock Carving


Firstly carved in the first year (A.D. 892) of the Jingfu reign of the Tang dynasty, Beishan of Dazu Rock experienced the Five Dynasties and the Southern and Northern Song Dynasties, and finally formed nearly 10,000 statues in Fowan, Yingpanpo, Guanyinpo, Northern Tower Temple, Fo'er cliff, etc.

The Statues in Fowan are the most concentrated. With 300-meter-long and 7-meter high cliff, the 290 small caves hold 6 stone tablets, 55 inscriptions, 8 stone pillars. The Buddha images in Fowan are engraved carefully and complicatedly, with pretty and easy posture and in special style. Among these marvelous and precious works, the statue of Puxian Buddha in Xinshenche Grotto is hailed as "Oriental Venus"; the rotating Wheel Storing Buddhist Classics Grotto is called "the palace of stone statues". Weijunjing Tablet, Caijing Tablet and Old Wenxiao Tablet exist in the world solely.

Stone statues in Fowan are divided into the south region and north region. Most statues in the south region are the works of the late Tang dynasty and Five dynasties, while the statues in the north region are the works of the Southern and Northern Song dynasties. All of the works are engraved in flowing line, with simple and honest temperaments and simple attire, very exquisite and colorful.

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Dazu Grottoes Notes

Visitors could take a bus in the Chongqing West Bus Station to Dazu, and it takes 2 hours to arrive there.