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Fengdu Ghost City

A popular stop on Yangtze River cruises is the Fengdu “Ghost City.” Fengdu Ghost Temple is one hundred and sixty kilometers east of Chongqing within the Three Gorges Lake.  Typically it is the primary location that a cruise ship going east from Chongqing can return.

Legends have that Fengdu is a place where the devil lives. They assert that spirits visit heaven, and evil goes to Fengdu. The city was overlooked by Ming Hill, which was said to be the house of the King of the Dead. A temple on the highest of the hill is devoted to the king. The place has an eerie feeling on the tower blocks, deserted streets and empty outlets before the lake rose. It is said that the ancient town of Fengdu is underwater.

Fengdu Ghost City used to be a burial tomb with a lot of temples and shrines and a tiny village. Attributable to the development of the Three Gorges Dam, the ghostly town is underwater. However, a hill and dozens of temples stay within the artificial lake behind the dam, but half of them can still be visited. It’s an oversized burial and temple area. The world on top of the “Door of Hell” remains. It’s fascinating that Chinese have ancient conceptions of hell that are somewhat the same as Western ideas. At the location, locals and visitors will see statues and frescoes regarding hell with brightly painted pictures of demons and etcetera.

However, Ming Hill is currently an island. There are plenty of tombs and grave sites on the hill as Fengdu was an oversized burial ground. It had been and will still be one amongst the foremost Taoist burial grounds, where those who don’t achieve immortality are buried. There are a lot of temples and shrines. There’s a temple on its prime. To induce to the temple, a quarter of hour is needed. There’s additionally a cable automobile. Around the temple are brightly painted statues depicting visions of hell: demons eating humankind, human beings suffering. There are 3 toed demons and blue demons, etc. The demons have fascinating characteristics and colors.

Like different previous cities within the region along the bank of the Yangtze, the history of Fengdu goes back thousands of years. It’s said that town got its name as an area for dead ones and also the king of hell throughout the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). It’s said that 2 men named Yin and Wang got to the place during the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220). They became Taoist recluses, and it's said that they became immortals. “Yin Wang” means that “King of Hell” or “King of Darkness.” Somehow, throughout the Tang Dynasty, locals began to say that the king of hell lived there. It became one amongst the famous Taoist burial grounds in China. There’s a temple complicated on the summit and below. It contains some construction or carvings dating back to the Tang Dynasty.

Admission Fee: CNY 80
Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00
Best Time to Visit: It depends on your interests; however, it is suitable for visiting every day