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Dali Tours

Dali, located in China Yunnan Province,  was the capital of Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms. It is surrounded by mountains, and has the Erhai Lake in its center. There are more than 25 Chinese ethnic minorities, which have created a unique cultural heritage amidst the area's picturesque surroundings. Here we kindly offer you many Dali tour packages including Dali City tours, Dali side travel to Kunming and Lijiang and so on. If you can not find one you like, free to tailor-made private Dali travel with us.

Dali Private Tours

1 Day Travel to Dali       From $64 p/p
2 Days Best Dali Tour      From $152 p/p
4 Days Dali Essential City Tour      From $418 p/p
3 Days Dali Highlights Tour      From $254 p/p

Dali is highly recommended if you want a tour both have beautiful scenery and peculiar minority flavor. Located in Yunan Province in Southern China, Dali has a very long history and keeps many worth-visiting historical architectures. The Bai Minority converging in Dali has their peculiar traditions and cultures, which, will offer you many interesting things to experience.

Dali Side Tours

6 Days Dali Side Tour to Lijiang      From $401 p/p
6 Days Kunming, Dali Classic Travel      From $445 p/p
7 Days Colorful Tour to Kunming, Dali and Lijiang      From $533 p/p

There are some famous neighboring cities to travel around Dali. When you take a tour pacakge to Dali, you may also travel to Kunming, and Lijiang, etc. These cities with beautiful natural scenery, unique architectures and minority culture, as well as long history, form a great tourist area in South China.