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Yardang National Park

Yardang National Park is a bewitching geological park with large scale of yardang landform which is a kind of landform formed by wind erosion. It is a unique natural museum of natural sculptures.

Yardang National Park is famous as “Town of Demons” because of the bloodcurdling “ghostly screaming” when wind blowing pass the area.The yardang landform in Dunhuang boasts distinctive soil property which is light red and occupies an area of approximately 50 square kilometers. Generally, this distinctive landform exists in dry area. After the function of wind erosion for many years, the yardang landform takes on the appearance of a ruined ancient town.

Starting from Dunhuang City, walking through a large stretch of Gobi desert, you can reach Jade Gate Pass and the Yardang National Park is about 85 kilometers away from Jade Gate Pass. On the way to the park, you can image the ancient western China from the Great Wall built in Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) and ancient beacons (used to send messages during wartime). The landscape which formed by blue sky, meadows, lakes, wild gooses and ducks will offer you a quite different experience.

How to Get There
It is about 200 kilometers from Dunhuang urban area to Yardang National Park. considering the long journey, you’d better hire a car or a taxi.