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  • Dunhuang Climate

  • Dunghuang City, located in the northwest of Gansu Province, is far away from the moist ocean monsoon in summer, but closer to the chilly continental arid air from the mainland. The annual average temperature is 9.3C (48.74F), but the average temperature in July is 24.7C (76.46F) while -9.3C (15.26F) in January. Because of the deserts nearby, it is fervent in summer and bitterly chilly in winter. Bad weather like sandstorms occurs occasionally.

    The city is surrounded by high mountains, and harsh arid environments. However, the mysterious murals in Dunhuang, caved in the mountains, are a great appeal for visitors. And the murals cannot be protected unless in such dry and arid climate. The city is a good place to sample the unique appeal of western China and to experience Chinese ancient culture, which is a special kind of desolate ruggedness.

    The fluctuation in temperature between day and night tell the tourists should bring a warm, winter clothing in the morning and evening. Sunglasses, caps, sunscreen, and lip balm are also essentials because of the extremely dry air here in most of the time for the northwestern wind. It is necessary to drink enough water and eat plenty of fruits every day here. Water, fruits and vegetables are important to avoid the evaporation.

    For visiting the caves, as there are no lighting facilities inside. You are advised to visit on a sunny day, when the sunshine perfuses the caves with radiance.