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  • Dunhuang Nightlife

  • Actually Dunhuang doesn’t have many wonderful bars, discos or clubs as most big cities do, such as Xiamen, Shanghai or Xian. However, Dunhuang nightlife is very special with obvious local characteristics, the bustling night market will be the must go place at night.


    • 1.Night market

    Shazhou Market
    It is an ideal place to experiecnde the Dunhuang folk-customs and life with snacks, art ware, tea house area and ethnic products area etc. Besides, there is also a local opera street where you can watch some shows performed by amateurs.


    • 2.Performances

    From June to October, Dunhuang hotel hosts daily performances which has big connection with the culture of the Ancient Silk Road
    Address: 14 in East Yangguan Rd

    Also, tourists can have entertainments and thrills in the Echoing-Sand Mountain Scenic Area with camel riding, climbing the mountain, sand sliding or parachute jumping.