Title:A Thousand year old fortress Zhenyuan City

Clients:Yue Lee

In recent years, Southeast for its scenery and ancient mystery Reaches the Border Castle Valley show by many travel enthusiasts of all ages, many in the Southeast near the town, and Chen-yuan, is one of the representatives. Some people say, "Chen-yuan is a painting", a "see rare in simple, elegant in the obvious charm" of the ink, indeed, the landscape here winding Li, charming scenery, there are known as "the magnificent Three Gorges, Guilin's beautiful "The Wuyang Three Gorges area, there may be comparable with the Jiuzhaigou and be amazed as the ancients" or not travel is promising those who carry hate "Iron Creek Scenic Area, more praised by famous ancient wonders of the city Zhenyuan twenty ... ...

Zhenyuan city: "crooked door ramp" in residential areas are Southeast City of Chen-yuan said the force due to business and because of this very ancient city filled once a thriving metropolis of land and water, the local popular saying goes, "Chen-yuan Street, crowded, pick kiln tank was severely damaged, bear squeeze tung oil city ", then imagine the excitement. Set foot on city streets, cornices Qiaojiao roof, pale gray walls, blocks arranged in a quiet and orderly manner in accordance with the Wuyang River; water waves, the floor impact vibration, adrift, familiar with the Yangtze River Delta.

Chen-yuan of the residential areas is the most unique and each gate lanes will not be parallel or perpendicular to the so-called "crooked door ramp," said the architectural style with attention to feng shui, is the wealth of the phase, but also "wealth does not Lu Bai. " Walking in the guxiang, you will see a lot to drink the old well, with crystal clear shallow nature, but also deep-Zhang Yu of the hanging wells, these wells do not dry seasons are Shengze, and the water quality good, sweet and pure clear Sweet, more than any brand of mineral water to be good, to where the man-to taste.

Wuyang: Zhenyuan soul dancing with the landscape of history should start from Wuyang. For Chen-yuan, the Wuyang is its soul, after years of reading to do this prosperity and glory of Chen-yuan, the vicissitudes of life and decline of the river to reverse "S" shape to Chen-yuan into two, into a natural talent to build the Diagram of yin and yang, gossip, and Chen-yuan Tainan and the Acropolis have become the yin and yang, two points on the map.

Wuyang walking in the boat, we saw green Wuyang flowing quietly at the foot, along the river cliffs, towering peaks, waterfalls everywhere. Here the mountains are not high, the water is not wide, but the mountain height, the width of the water and people from right, people will not feel the depression and the mountain vastness of the water, but there is a sense of intimacy, the people are completely into the beautiful landscape among the people move with the King, King moved blossoms ... ...

Dragon Cave: "flying a Sea Cave" Chen-yuan City, was undoubtedly the most well-known national key cultural relics protection units --- Dragon Cave ancient buildings. Dragon Cave Buddha, Confucianism, Taoism coexistence of ancient buildings, the biggest odd is that it's unique hillside buildings, the unthinkable use of cliffs, deep groove shallow gully, a natural cave, there will be a huge bank support starting a temple, even a canoe into a "single column Pavilion", is the formation of the holes are the temple, there are holes in the cabinet features. It is in this strange buildings, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism believers have a place here on account, worship their own gods, even at peace, peaceful coexistence, it is no wonder known as the "flying a Sea Cave . "

Thunder Mountain: Thunder Mountain is the highest peak in Southeast Guizhou Plateau Miaoling the main peak, the peak elevation of 2189 meters, is the highest peak in Southeast. Into the mountains, saw the forest green, bright clear streams, waterfalls plunging vertically, the momentum away people, everywhere flowers. Yamashita, distributed everywhere Banpo Miao; view of sunrise and sunset in the main peak, wonton around the fog, it is refreshing.

Nearby Attractions: There are around one hour, "China floating city" Shanmu Shibing of drifting, Yuntaishan, Fei Huang flat cliff, Cam hot springs and other scenic spots; not only within 3 hours drive Thunder Mountain forests, and Carey Miao village Dong Village, Tongren Fanjingshan, Fenghuang and other scenic spots.

Travel Tips Line: Guangzhou to Zhenyuan have direct air-conditioned train, full time about 17 hours, sleeper $ 250; can fly to Guiyang, and then travel to the Chen-yuan, travel time about 4 hours. Town away from the Kaili only 2 hours by car, traffic is very convenient.

Weather: the hottest July, the average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the coldest in January, the average temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, the average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. 12,1,2 least rainfall in January, May and June most. Because in the mountains, so day and night temperature will be more.

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