Title:Anhui Watertown-Hongcun Village


Anhui always wanted to see the ancient villages in Huizhou.A hazy morning in the rain, I starting from Tunxi, along the winding mountain road, too far to Yixian County, the county seat to Hongcun. Into Hongcun, we can find here just like paradise on earth, the whole village is like a misty rain enveloped in ink under the elegant figure.Hongcun water system is designed according to the image of cattle, cited springs as "cow intestines," from a one in front of the flow, making the villagers' Low drain away without harm Creek Road, Lane family home with drainage. "


Water is the soul of Hongcun, layout and unique artificial water network worthy of Colorful summer fun trips to the ancient Great Wall to leave children and grandchildren enjoy the unique scenery into the subway well-known companies that focus is a must, quote from the mountain springs of artificial canals, winding, walk through every alley, every courtyard, the formation of village-specific, "gardens", "water homes" so that Hongcun residential buildings in Huizhou architecture to create a unique fishing village houses, and this is all I see in the town unique.


The water here is different from any of the rivers and lakes we take for granted, the misty rain that sings the odd glass of town, water is reserved and distant, is the scenery outside the window, but also ushered in the sound sent to the grinder, a night on the town off windows, water is the dull and lonely. But Hongcun water, but it is exceptionally lively, because the terrain winding down, so water is flowing, rushing sound of water flowing through each household, laundry wash rice is ordinary people serves as a source, if the South town water is Xiaojiabiyu, Hongcun water is the big brother next door, full of tolerance from the reality.


I leisurely walk in the village glaucoma deep glowing stone on the road, at the foot of the stone can be traced back to Qing period. Connecting with the old house where the houses, streets start to life, the children running play, a few Laosou quietly playing chess, doing housewives lazily in front of small objects, as well as in father and son fishing on the river They are smiling, but you can not help but be somewhat envious of birth, people without seeking, natural happiness, and seek the more anxious students.


Unknowingly went to the village of South Lake. Kazuhiro clear water lake in the clear as a mirror, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds. Breeze, it will be Yang Qi layers of ripples, one of which blocks of vibrant blue brick homes. Pitt's man-Chicui lotus, more like jasper as slim, charming. Green Liufu Bridge, delicate poem. Several strains of lush ancient lake, winding spiral of recumbency in water. "Su Wang Spring Snow Lake secretion send people leaning Bi Han small bridge. Flocculation fly in the air off the warm, smiling knot gauze smoke plume." Sentiment was detached from the hubbub of what this is like a long ... ... Been to a lot of the southern town, but in the mountains to see the Hongcun mind there is a different kind of affair.


Travel Transportation: from Yixian county have direct access to Hongcun car, pick open.

Accommodation: Hongcun the "Shu Tong", "home charities" can stay, usually 50-80 yuan / person range, with air conditioning and rooms with bathroom. If you are lucky, you can sleep on the age-old old-fashioned carved bed at night you can drink in the back garden.

Tickets: Since being named China's most charming town, the Hongcun tickets have risen 80 yuan / person.

Clothing: the local climate is mild, moist air, four seasons have their own characteristics.

Tip: Hongcun is a good place for photography, this is mainly residential and rural scenery, a photographer with the best equipment for the pictures here.