Title:Becoming Sad near Huangpu River Shanghai


East line to the smooth, I did a very thorough detailed investigation. Check the internet all night, day and night reversed a month of days, never slept before 3am. I finally took my travel plans, and a good friend embark on the eastbound train, travel east two girls started! In order to meet the coming three months after my 20th birthday, I embarked on a brave away train.


First Station - Shanghai


Shanghai has been in my mind, is a well-developed and romantic city. However, in my entire trip I feel it is the most hated city, good is "disgusted." I have been naive to think that old people are kind and intimate, through the Shanghai trip, I found myself very naive. I paid no attention to the poor attitude of the elderly, lied to me to ask me for money or for the elderly. In my entire trip in Shanghai in addition to a park bench across the edge of a smiling grandfather, other people are extremely offensive.


Do not think that working people in Shanghai is a lovely, honest, and if so you will be a big mistake the. A bus stop in order to maintain the elderly (of course, when he is idle), my attitude is very impatient. Aunt cross the road when the level of a middle-aged women warm greeting to me and asked me to go somewhere. I know law school, "the sky will not fall," the truth, and therefore does not much care. I find that in the vicinity of the station has chosen to be I do not know where, this time, man has come, my friend said softly, "to ask them! Not have nothing to lose!" So far away from their say hello to a full-time according to bicycle, it seems that part-time help people guiding the elderly. He was eating breakfast (two bread), we see immediately put down the bread, warm ask us where to go, we were really quite moving. I'm just looking for 13 Road station, he insisted on asking me where to go, what to do. Gradually, I will not feel right, I clearly where we are going to know from where we were only 1 station away from the road, but he wanted me to take 3 stops across the street. And he wants us to take the car from for the record I had (my survey is very detailed). Just then, he took out pen and paper to write on a few road cars, car stations, and then handed me the paper at the same time say "for six dollars." As I say "ah!" He opened curse. I pulled the frail friend walked away without looking back. I really regret it, has always considered itself a highly educated me, though, as Wuhan, highly lethal, but has not learned the Chinese curse, or the face of a liar, so what would be bullied.


Do not think that service in Shanghai, the attitude is friendly. We eat in the hotel, and other three dishes actually took 1 hour, and plates, bowls, spoon is actually broken. When we urge food, the service actually paid no attention. Angry! A dish above a small insect, we protest, they take back the kitchen, actually pick out the worms, put ten minutes, to give our side, the food is cold. They actually act on their own are not even the most basic cover. Disgusting!Do not choose a place that I eat right, then I recommend a large number of the Shanghai-style cuisine to reflect. As can be recommended for every traveler to stay at Shangri-La, so no matter where they live, will be treated well. Like every place there will be no difference. Do not sigh my bad luck, do not the quality of Shanghai, not good people who I have been met?


It seems all this is inevitable! Is not it?

Do not think in Shanghai, "traffic police uncle" is for people to solve problems. I asked him way, he was actually pointing at the criss-cross the road, said "there, the outside" will no longer refuse to say one more thing. So head on Yang, eyes overturned, an old society, the police guarding concessions situation. Ridiculous! A bully dog ??I like. Sad!


For Shanghai's landscape, it is to be commended. In addition to lighting the Bund still willing to make do, other ...:)

Online Shanghai girl inadvertently wandered the so-called real people of Shanghai recommended places to shop, the feeling is not a lot of brands, or brands of fake stuff. Very disappointing. Rushed back out. Then maybe they saw the piles of the people of Shanghai to the inside straight. "Fair without and foul within"! Do not say I have not seen the United States and the United States, have not seen Shanghai Times Square. The real people of Shanghai, most Shanghai residents are there to buy it? Petty is unusually sudden sigh save the people of Shanghai!


Wanted to feel the forefront of fashion, but can not see a real pure beauty. I do not think that hot head, wearing high heels, fashion is absurd! Artificial city, artificial person.On hot head, I can not help but think, and department store sales of the aunt who is surprised by Shanghai middle-aged women self-carving ability. Nanjing Road is amazed at the image outside the window. They head the small white folds, it is drill, drill it, Oh! And counter sales are also really difficult to understand the form, who seems like a steal. May be in order to maintain the characteristics of the planned economy era it! Old, old salesman, old style, same old, old attitude. God bless their business is booming!


Shanghai's transportation network, but traffic worrying. Shanghai "gentle and refined," men who ride scooters in a slightly larger than the bicycle, the dirty, broken and small, never seen in other cities, perhaps my ignorance, is perhaps the Shanghai specialty it! Every time I see that they are concerned about their safety, for fear they fall from above, while also lamenting in their skilled driving techniques, and unique flexibility. Admire admire!Can take the subway in Shanghai must not bus. I stop to take a road, waiting for 10 vehicles, take 30 minutes. Not surprised, many people are to blame traffic jams. Since then I have found the people of Shanghai's really good temper, patience!Shanghai has the things I love, that is the subway, not only fast and cool. This is the only thing I like Shanghai.


But it is after all just hardware, with the economic development of each local infrastructure will continue to improve and update. Needed to maintain the advantage seems to improve the software! I am very sad this is the entrance, there have been special treatment, the city advertised the quality of education. Shanghai people are conceited! Shanghai people's ego on the one hand from the long position in China, the geographical advantage is undoubtedly one of the important reasons, the colonists built a house has become a symbol of civilization advertised. Shanghai people's ego on the other hand, from the city continue to be in their "foreignness", "occupation", only the people of Shanghai itself in order to continue to show the difference, showing their "root seedlings are red." Sadly it! Cowardly hiding under the shade a little bit of their predecessors. Most people put down ego and ego's self-esteem after it! Shanghai is a courageous acceptance of "migration" of the city now! Those who can afford! Do not weak but sad mockery of "country folk", and people need to face real challenges. ... ... From the catch that train began to Zhouzhuang, I felt relaxed. My heart is flying in general that has been my escape from the alien city.