Title:Being Lonely to tour Mt Huang


Did not expect eventually to go to Huangshan.Detailed plans have been squandered over the past Yangshuo Yunnan or the long-awaited annual leave, but because it is a person, my heart always some concern, so close to election Huangshan. One time, budget more fully in all aspects, two wanted to see such a reputation far and wide travel Wadi is not really that good.

Buy a hard sleeper train ticket from Shanghai to Huangshan, a pack on it so go! Put up the toilet door open for a night capped a stupid together and snoring men, 9 am and finally to the Tunxi city. I was only to find out is to Tunxi Huangshan City. Me with great patience to get rid of private tour guides, hawkers, drivers of containment, to find a supermarket, bought some bread and water to prepare chop hill, and found the bus stop, sit down to 10 dollars Tangkou the CMB. Neighbor in the car and chatted, a sister, she played a very enthusiastic description of Huangshan, has repeatedly stressed that "dream area" must-see, is the essence of Huangshan. So I decided the main "dream area."

The end of May the day, weather is sunny, the car to the soup into the mouth like a ghost town, almost nobody on the road. Just hesitate, I do not know where flashed an old aunt, pestering me to her house to eat the hotel accommodation. I decided early on that tonight places in Huangshan, watching her enthusiastic look old, went to her house to eat lunch, her family have an even older remnants with her grandmother to the enthusiasm persuaded me to stay. 12:30 or so, and found a side, 20 dollars up to the mountains! This gave me the initial impression is very strong taste of travel, but the locals are mostly very enthusiastic and simplicity.

Huangshan in the way to go, but also more or less saw some mountains, mostly bland, but one into the Huangshan scenic area, surrounded by spectacular mountain started up, which is mainly reflected in the high mountains, these mountains than once the surrounding mountains, winding mountain road in 20 minutes before the mountain of the deep valleys. Through the mountains green, very upright. By that time I also discovered the original Huangshan not just a mountain, but the numerous mountain complex. To the gate of Huangshan, people talk the same, I suspect that this is not really should be packed in Huangshan. In any case, 131 yuan ticket bought, I decided to take the ropeway up the mountain, and as early as possible to save some energy to find a cheap place to stay.

From the foot of the mountain cableway ride to the Baie station 65, go from a bright entry, 1.5 kilometers, about half an hour to. Originally wanted to find a place to live in the light of entries, one where you find groups of tourists, most of the team, the noisy sound of beauty item has been submerged mountain, according to the introduction of Tibetan antelope, to light items next day of the sea attractions find a shelter, people should be less, so he climbed to the days of the sea and found that as many people, live in mixed 85-90 yuan a room, and carry light the same price, but sooner or later, I found the sea in the day to see sunrise and sunset is not very convenient. So I determined to go North again, where you might find a little cheaper accommodation and convenient to watch the sunrise. 1 hour and went right mountain scenery along the way roughly identical, there are many pine trees grace about Cho. I think less than in the North Sea in time before dark, because I did not expect clear signs, no detours, they do come in time the North Sea, North Sea, where as if a great hotel, a Lion Hotel, and a basketball court. There are some hotels in the North Sea across the yellow cottage, have asked if the inn was opened by Trade and Industry, 80 yuan a, cheap not go there, conditions are terribly simple, but the sunset is approaching, I do not want to find other place, will make do stay up. After a brief rest, in the North Sea near the turn of some attractions, great scenery, there is no wizard, so can not remember the specific name. Sunset nothing exciting to have passed, since no mountain activities, early return to the room, I found my temporary roommates have been coming back, two in Sichuan woman, two men in Jiangxi. I am a person they see on Huangshan, half surprised, half of the doubt. Four of them came all the way from the foot, the leg has been stiff, and we discuss four points up good to see the sunrise tomorrow morning, I am pleased to find a partner.

2 Sichuan girl very concept of time, four alarm sounds, Yi Gulu climb up, straight to the view of Taiwan, accounting for a good seat. Soon, groups of people came, everyone was waiting in the cold wind howling. You can hear the quiet mountains, it is a wind moving the tree, when the contrast of birds out of the quiet mountains. Gradually, the distant mountains from the vague to the clear, rich color of the clouds up, a large tile sheet after the clouds revealed a light, a few slices of red clouds with layers of clouds, sunrise seen such a long time . We gradually leave in disappointment. I have no need to return to the residence, 5:30 start, I move toward the dream area!

Huangshan not actually marked on the map how to get into this fantastic area, the North Sea into the Pai Yunting landlord told me that there is walk around, I am such a person will hit the road. Along the way, went to the West, where there are large hotels, better team lived. Stone blocks are used mountain road, walking very convenient, because early, very few pedestrians on the road, I walk through the forest, sometimes found in those many stalwart pines, I heard one of the streams flow, to stop and take some pictures , they do not have fun. After about half an hour over the West Sea, Pai Yunting to, and did not see any particular scene, I had to follow the signs go down buxianqiao the. I am behind a few people have been thrown in the back. After a few times on the downhill after a seat not far from the majestic peaks suddenly revealed. Morning sprinkled on the mountain, a golden. Some pine trees from the mountain side and sometimes proudly elongation, when stretched out under the rock surface slender branches, pieces made of pine covered mountains, when, if a cluster of rhododendron on, fine, pink or pink and decorated in the mountains. Even a fool I was breaking a few light machine are captured excellent pictures. I stood on a cliff in the face of this piece of scenery, dragging heavy legs, laugh a few times. In fact, I was not sure this is not his dream so scenic, but I think I arrived, to my mind imagine Huangshan, there is the dream area! Through numerous crises and then a steep section of mountain, has opened its population went to the legs trembling, limbs start and use, found in a lane at the words: Grand Canyon West area. Drain from the pavilion to the days of the sea. This is a newly developed area, the entire 6 km, 5-6 hours to complete. And then move forward a 1,2 hours to reach buxianqiao, how can one not like a bridge, because it is between two peaks a short stone path. At this point look around, I thought I was in among the peaks, standing proudly Peak, only my respect. In fact, the whole journey in five hours, no exaggeration to say that I was the only time a person walking in the mountains, accompanied only mountains and trees and flowers, birds and water. I had forgotten the loneliness and worry. After over a buxianqiao is the day the sea. I am half way after the bear is tired, tired body has been denied the beauty of looking for everyone to see. As long as uphill, we must pause every 10 seconds, about 10:30 or so and finally support to the days of the sea. Tianhai also tour the places where they started, I was over the entire Grand Canyon West.

Then I have only one idea, down! The body is so tired, have do not want to go any other attractions, and even began to give up to Hongcun these ancient villages. Vapid half an hour and then walked to the cable, not to the 12 already to the soup soon. All in Huangshan experience as a pot on a very fresh fruit, all of a sudden I was put in the memory of the refrigerator, no regrets!Quickly returned to Tunxi, bought a train ticket back later that day, near the train station to spend 30 yuan rented a room, comfortably took a bath in the next few hours in urban areas in a good casual leisure. A rickshaw to take me to the Cheng ancient home, ate a very tasty meal Huizhou dish, wash the foot trip, or even wash a photo, and Mimi take a nap for a while, 10:30 pm get the train back to Shanghai. Back to the office after talking about this lone Huangshan, a lot of people say I Danzibuxiao. But I do not think any more of a danger or loneliness, but plenty of freedom and efficiency. Memory is perfect!