Title:Chengdu Immortal Cave Hiking Tour


How many days of the landscape can be a must Sichuan strange Cave Search

Naxi District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, there is one day Cave, is a provincial-level scenic areas, many of them landscapes are a must.

There are a huge rocky area, a middle vertical columns. Up to hundred meters, two meters thick, are all made of cobblestone hold phase. Columns such as lever-edged, piercing blue sky, dark clouds calendar thousands of years, still stands firmly fixed.

Finger in front of moving Baodaoling stone, stone about three meters high, about 5 meters in diameter, rock bottom of the block 1 meter in size of the stone bottom. Gently with a finger poke, rock will shake; wind blowing, it will side to side, as if ready to roll down. Several thousands of years, so it stood trembling. A few years ago, Nosey bet, rope sets of 32 individuals to rock, pull a long, stone stays.

Cave into the day area, the face of a towering rock out, round, like a giant drum, so called drum otolith. The stone natural, no gap, there is spring water leaching from the pores if the general, turning from the year round without a break. Gathered into the pool under the stone, big Ying Chi, no gain does not dry all year round.

Days Cave rainfall, perennial cloud cover around the fog, water gurgling, only amounted to more than 30 waterfalls. Area of ??vegetation particularly good, the growth of red beans, Phoebe, fir and other trees. Only be called living fossils paleontology Cyathea tree there as much as 500.

Strong environmental awareness of the mountain here. Wood only pick litter, and now there are scenic foxes, hedgehogs, goats, wild boar, leopard, golden monkey, monkey face Eagle, egrets, dozens of giant salamander and other wild animals. Peacock River year-round habitat for tens of thousands of egrets, spring and early summer, egret eggs abound, but no one pick up. Egret in the mountains between the ups and downs, quack cried, adding to the silence of the canyon How many angry, to form a unique landscape.

The other wonders of the canyon is fireflies. Every summer, the fields when the elongation of seedlings, there were countless fireflies Peacock Valley collection. Top of the mountain looking down, the fireflies come together to form dense long queues for several years, twinkling in the valley, is quite spectacular. Experts say fireflies to the formation of its special geographical conditions, such as Firefly groove scene, unique in the world.

Days Cave is located in the Yangtze River and the confluence of the River Yongning, Luzhou 29 km away from the high mountains, dense forests, strategically located and difficult terrain, has always been contested. Rate the prime minister of Shu Han Liang, who had 50,000 troops in this battle with Meng Huo, and an escapement Meng Huo. Zhuge Liang will be Taiwan, Jun Zhang, Meng Huo was captured and placed at the far faintly discernible.

In the Peacock River rock carved a Verse: "Life is seventy ancient times less than before in addition to young and old after the middle condition is limited, there is Yan Liang and trouble. Asari do not the big government, the world can not earn money . Kuan money deep hardship, depriving their own as early as the first white Please Jun fine points in front of people, buried in annual grassland. the level of the old and new grass grave, no more than half of the Ching Ming sweep. "Taiping Yi Wang Ground is inscribed. Calligraphy is not top grade, but vigorous and effective writing, reveals a bleak between strokes. Verse is not a Ground works, but consistent with his state of mind at that time. Cave in the day, there are a dozen well-preserved stone works Ground.

Days because of its unique landscape Cave, history has attracted many men of letters, many cultural relics, most retained.