Title:Chengdu Muli Daocheng Town Tour


Muli Inagi through the mind

April 28 evening, the decision of the 9th to the temporary museum Muli Inagi line!

Twenty-nine night train, morning to Xichang. Days have been bright. Xichang outdoor 60 Big Brother to pick. Settled, and a breakfast. Morning went to Lu Mountain, Qionghai. Noon fish. Mountain at over 60 minutes to eat your brother Yi food. Big Brother 60 gift language: children can go the way Mama, are hard to see.

Middle of the night was awakened, MUSA with large forces broke into the house. Sleep on the sofa for three hours.

Forgot amulet before departure, after the trip actually turned out quite a lot of ups and downs.

May 1 to Muli County, wooden Lisu La Chi teacher contact good Jeep. Swinging in the county four weeks, two visiting the temple. Evening in the playground and Su, Tiger, scavengers, Cai Cai play basketball, jump Guozhuang.

May 2 car sat for a day at 8 am to have Lu. N times the middle of the jeep is broken, but fortunately the Su anecdotes along the way about the time down too fast (in detail later said to have the time). Lunch dish one up, suddenly overturned the pelvic floor, the wolf group. Lee's Tintin had sugar. . . . . . At night, too, MUSA had met brainwashing.

May 3 under the sun and other caravan, until twelve. Over the mountains, half past five p.m. to sip Luo. Night camping in a small valley. Pleasant moonlight.

Alternate time and space, time, and no space. With space and time no longer. Who only took three batteries, eyes the King, the only thing with the province of. Snow wants to make it, alas.

Seven o'clock the morning of departure, to the Pass. Become separated from the middle of a group of people, but fortunately found by the wizard. This day is the biggest difficulty, six p.m. over to the camp, the horse is tired, tired people. Charlotte Dorje at hand. Charlotte Dorje is one of Manjushri snow-capped mountains. The eighth century, Guru Padmasambhava, the Gongga Songbu (Aden mountain) opening to the Buddhist masters of the Trinity, in addition to V Buddha: Guanyin, Manjusri, Vajrapani are three peaks named blessing, Xian Nairi the Bodhisattva , Yang Maiyong of Manjusri, Xianuoduoji to Vajrapani. According to "Manjushri snow-capped mountains," it reads, "His Holiness Karmapa has been praised here: 24 the two holy places sacred to all three Lord of the Manjushri snow-capped mountains; three Manjushri snow-capped mountains sacred, to protect the warriors of God guarding, Guru Padmasambhava, also a poem in praise, saying: snow-capped mountains as hills hills Manjushri Mandala, immeasurable palace built countless treasures. holy lotus moon Fazuo, Dakini keep expanding the law of God. with the fate of all beings worship Buddhist pilgrimage Manjushri snow-capped mountains, to achieve the cause of life afterlife. Manjushri turn three snow-capped mountains, killing eight troops to eliminate the evil. transfer an equivalent read one hundred million Mani merit, turn the foot of the mountain 15 times the equivalent of read Chonggu one hundred million Mani merit. Tibetan Year of the Rooster worship, merit increase times. " Therefore, the late 19th century to the mid-20th century, there were bandits entrenched, they are burning and looting the surrounding area, and then continue to turn Temple of Mt redeem the evil they have committed.

Camp 4300 meters above sea level, the evening wind blowing. Tied up tents, and everyone hastily eaten, slept. And picking up a kick, cited half-way for the moon, photographed the "coldest Gu Ying." This scene only be in heaven, earth I have met several times.

Jinshan shot up 6 am, ten minutes into the camp one kilometer of a small hill. There is not even a little altitude sickness.

Back to camp, starting off Pass. Wind greater. The road is divided into two teams, one team from the hillside scree before, have not seen since. It turned out that safely. I followed the caravan this team, too Bingpo. Pass through, and has been down. Manjushri snow-capped mountains in the Shen Pan, Charlotte Dorje, Yang Maiyong, Xian Nairi order of priority. I came from afar just to see your shallow smile. Snow gave me very warm, so I worked tirelessly, tirelessly.

Five points down to Aden area, with the blessing of a small team of reservation. Brigade back to Chengdu, the team of seven: MUSA, porridge, scavengers, Cai Cai, I, Tintin sugar, veterans, riding to Luorongniuchang (4180 m). When dark to. Thought to FB, and the result is to save money, live in the bullpen. Middle of the night in the snow drift in, shivering with cold.

Morning, MUSA and scavengers feel tired, had its own Mt. Does not know the road, involving streams, over thorn forest, and finally go straight. A half hours to milk the sea (4400 meters), turn the lake, spend an hour waiting for the sun. Then climb a few hundred meters to the colored sea (4800 meters). Feel they had an hour, the snow flying. Ben down, just one o'clock.

Past W (La Rural) to go. Watts found a car in Japan, started FB. The master said something to drive the same table, let us shame. "I have enough to eat every day, and you slow to use." Scavengers, MUSA pushed the pile in the package. I have the stars, the scavengers Zhirang, "that there is, I do not see ye..." Singing along, even driving instructors have joined the ranks of antiphonal singing, people pinched to sweat. Fortunately peace to Inagi. Wash the spring, back to Aden communities. Each search of his trouser pocket, and finally put together a ticket to Kangding money, embarrassed. Pay 1120 yuan, the fallback left thirty pieces, feeling, alas. . .

6 am of the car, until the twelve to come. Fortunately, MUSA sent from the post office to get the money. Night train to Yajiang, based on safety, the station is not released. After the other gang row, six yuan per person to secure the accommodation. Next to the Kangding, finally happily eat. Night to hot springs.

Six o'clock to Muge Cuo, cold miserable. House warming himself by burning charcoal in a small lake. Matai Gui, stay in the lake on the play. Not imagine the beautiful scenery. I do not know why the vote out, checked the driver and a fight, bad. Chengdu afternoon on the back of the car. See the neon city, the party sigh of relief. . .

Finally arrived safely. . . . . .

Tired, and starting running account, travels later to write it!