Title:Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Tour


Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is located 105 kilometers from Chengdu Dayi County. Peak snow, of a thousand years. Du Fu Thatched Cottage for seclusion to write down famous "Xiling Snow Chiaki windows, doors parked Wu Wanli ship" and its name. There are vast scenic area original woodlands, steep cliffs, countless flowers and herbs, rare exotic animals, throughout the year of the rapids, waterfalls, clouds, sunrise, forest Buddha, yin and yang circles, sunshine Jinshan the vagaries of mountain weather landscape.
Altitude over 3200 meters of yin and yang, the basin boundary for the climate and the climate of the plateau line, while blue skies, while misty, yin and yang, Tai Chi resembles the composition. Scenic variety of plants at the same time, the giant panda, golden monkey, wildebeest and other 40 kinds of rare animals which are also distributed. Snow is characterized by high mountains, dense forests, clear springs, odd beast, in the heart of Chengdu, from where only 105 km will be able to enjoy such a magnificent natural scenery of the original, in fact, Chengdu's blessing. Heavenly Master Taoism there is an area to teach the birthplace Hemingshan, and nationally known Wencai manor.
"Nine waterfall Sky", "waterfalls hole", "Leopard Xiao Quan," "buried Stone Forest", "rhododendron forest" more than 10 spots in the "big fly water waterfall" stunning: mountains in dual Township canyon, springs from 1400 meters Baique roll straight down the mountain a cave 360 ??meters fly, roar like thunder, it can not help but issue a "Galaxy nine days of Queensland," the feeling! To be sunny days, sunshine, waterfalls and rainbow seamless, beautiful.
Another wonderful attraction is the white sand along the post "yin-yang world." Sector is both yin and yang mountains, and two very different climate of the watershed. One side is blue skies, blue sky Zhanzhan; side of the cloud steaming fog Chung, hazy, mysterious to the visitors with unlimited imagination.

* Transportation

Available weekends from Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain tour. Chengdu Railway Station and Luojianian have direct access to scenic tourist car, but very few flights. North terminal, Qingyang, Sands, etc. every day there are dozens of train stations to Dayi. Dayi Xiling Snow Mountain to the train station lot. Chengdu Dayi less than an hour's drive, fare about $ 7. Chengdu has direct access to the new South Gate area of ??the shuttle bus.

* Climatic characteristics

Area within the subtropical humid monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, the annual average temperature of 16.2 ° C, the average January temperature is 4.2 ° C, average July temperature of 23.7 ° C.

* Accommodation Guide

Huashuiwan scenic hot springs resort area near the accommodation is not only good, but there are few spa in Chengdu, away from the area and close, is the first choice of accommodation to tourists.

* Tickets

Tickets are 20 yuan before the mountain, the mountain tickets 30 - 80 yuan, transport car 10 yuan (round trip),

* The remaining charges

Ski ticket cost is not within the normal fee of $ 100 per hour in accordance with specific standards to local conditions prevail. Each additional hour, income $ 50 (including snow skiing charges fees, site fees, cable fees, if visitors bring their own ski equipment, the cost of half); ski instructor: Hourly 50 yuan / person; rent ski clothing: 50 yuan / day; snowmobile: Normal per every ten minutes costs $ 50, Luxury 80; snow sled: per every ten minutes costs 20 yuan; cable car cable: cable car hanging cable box viewing 80 yuan (round trip), 50 (one way).