Title:China Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Tour


I have to thank 1bdg friends, because she travels a road that I have the courage, I follow the line of her first day to go to Songpan, scenery I ignored that, and the special people happy riding tour, and with The two go the same way foreigners speak English, indeed, to practice the spoken language. But to play the friend must be mentally prepared, the way very hard, slept outside at night, be sure to bring good clothes. Songpan horse cost for the day $ 60, food, accommodation. If you go to sites but also additionally tickets. Hoarse waterfall bar is 33 yuan, two sea for $ 33.

Fourth day of the race from Songpan to nine ditch the car as early as 6:30, tickets $ 20, get off at 9 am, and then race to buy nine tickets ditch, it is recommended that if you grow from a young friend to go out do before a student card, you can get 57 yuan for half-price tickets, tickets can not buy, the first break in the door, buy a map, go down the road a way, it is best to go tree group sea, all the way Sparks can shoot the beauty of the sea in the sun. To stay after the first sea-tree group, a $ 20 meal at the roadside waiting for the bus, then have people on the train after the ticket inspection, and if you can check in luggage that did not take, they have no way the. Then the first car ride to Zechawagou, reach the peak after a long sea come from Wucaiche. The scenery behind the car all the way and then you can get off, anyway, as long as parking, the driver will stop.

Fifth day and then ride down the forest to the original its population go way far down can take a car and then, starting from the Panda the best way to enjoy the view from the boardwalk. Day should be sufficient. If sufficient time, and then stay an extra day, go sit down like the place much.

The sixth day I was on the road, about a two friends together to Huanglong, Songpan first serve at noon to the next car to Chuanzhusi, then a car Huanglong total package $ 200 (preferably four), the way to Huanglong Maybe next year, perhaps after a direct fix the car. Huanglong tickets $ 80, if student ID can be halved, if one wants to save money remember to do one (but longer young) Huanglong has been described for many friends, the scenery is very strange, but suggested that if the body is good, with mountain sickness can climb again after a Wucaiche may encounter a panoramic view of the small pavilion. As well as strength can also climb the mountains, the scenery is quite different. Up to take into account before a certain security and physical problems (go to early morning, so you can play for a while in the above and more). We swim directly back to Songpan Huanglong, because there back to Songpan Chengdu Zaoche, go somewhere else if you can back to Songpan, because it has to many parts of the car, accommodation is also cheaper, as well as showers, as long as 2 dollars, good condition. If you live in, "along the river" may also encounter a number of fellow travelers. If you are a backpacker who is not recommended in November during the travel, listen to local people said in November during a shop for $ 10 sold for 50 yuan, but many people, especially after the best eleven, then the scenery is the best. Leaves are turned into various colors, you can not imagine the beauty.

Another: If recommended accommodation back to Chengdu: Chengdu, Chengdu, 130 in Shaanxi Street, Yizhou House Hotel (Tel 028 -6154179), which is a hotel for Zi Tourist Office, a bed $ 25, six beds per room, per one bed room has a separate toilet and bathroom foreigners live here but if you do not mind if men and women mixed live on the go, it is to save money in the city center from the train station can take 16 people in South Salt City in the mouth, the go section of the road. 43 Simon Road from the station can take to.