Title:Encounter Buddhas in Touring Mt. Jiuhua


Jiuhuashan as the famous Buddhist shrine, the Buddhism of things I have not talked to you, the reason is mainly Buddhist culture is Mengran my ignorance. Jiuhuashan temple of the situation is not very clear. But that is life in the "Buddha", said that I do not know, "Buddha" is not the truth. I just dyed my ear witnesses moisten some cases, to talk to you right here, including pictures.

It is often said "the camp of iron, water the soldiers," used to describe the Jiuhuashan can also say "iron temple, water monk." Wearing a robe is not necessarily a Buddhist, and many monks the monastery's motivation is very simple. I once asked a local, "How many monks Hui Temple home?" He can say. The two monks at the temple to answer this question, the figures differ. The main reason is the frequent movement of monks, it is difficult to determine the number.

Hui Ju Temple dozen young monk, abide by rules and prohibitions of up to no more than five! I was witness to four monks smoke, drink together; a pilgrim monk secretly accepting charity. According to a small monastery, said the abbot of the temple they also encourage them in this era of multi-commodity economy, Gao Qian. Really "birds of a feather"! Abbot who I am is a common, medium-fat body, with a yellow robe, sitting slightly hired slider Ruanjiao eyes closed, shake the mountain down.

Buddhism's purpose, pay attention to spiritual cultivation, in the integration of man and nature, the ascetic, general economic beings, and to "Nirvana" realm. Throughout all kinds of Buddhist "monk", can not but regret. Buddhism in this phenomenon, perhaps a strong impact and the commodity economy has a lot. Because the temple also requires its own survival and development, if it can not "general economic beings" may wish "economic beings me." With the past few years, Jiuhuashan monk "real body" continues to appear, so Buddhist holy sites but also by the sense of secrecy. Only a few hundred years before the "real body" Monk, now updated faster than the CPU speed faster, which is the Buddhist win things, laid-off workers of the gospel, because it is nowhere to go, when they may wish to assemble a small temple or a small hut, the door of a few small joint, in which sat, put an air of purpose along Chui Mei, China travel agent someone will come from money to send the oil.

Today, a group of students who slung like a yellow sachets of pilgrims, surrounded by a self-proclaimed "Goddess of Mercy old basking" in Banlaoxuniang, mighty down from the mountain, sit in front of their shops closed on a long bamboo chair. Pilgrims sound one screen grabbing interest rates, respectful and sincere listening "old basking" to sing a promotion difficult to understand the scriptures. Coincides with the one came from Jiangsu, claiming to be a monk of the old woman stood at the side, she saw this situation as the person fell into the water caught the straw, and hurried to his knees, I said "old basking", but immediately drew next to the "believers "who's wrist:" To say the old Basking Goddess! "the old woman who asked her to become a monk for monks in what direction," tours to China the old Basking 'eyes still Weibi, chanting constantly, like listening to non-listening, After a child, Suddenly someone translated it: "The Goddess of Mercy that you fit the old Basking in the Southwest." Old woman was encouraged, and bombard asked many questions, but the "old basking" has stood up, it seems very casually ordered the "disciples": "Let's go." So mighty is also a group of pilgrims gathered around to go the. Perhaps as much as the kind of momentum rebirth of Jesus preaching.

Buddhism is an excellent culture, Buddhism has fooled many simple people!